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Super Bowl Sunday a Bitter Day For Jets Fans

As most of the country anxiously awaits Super Bowl Sunday, I for one couldn’t honestly care less about “The Big Game”.  Don’t get me wrong I love the National Football League and the mega entertainment event that is the Super Bowl, but for me the Jets loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship game has drained my football emotions.

I still cannot fathom how the Jets could come out flat for an entire half of an AFC Championship game after beating the “All-World” New England Patriots.  (You know the Patriot team that has the Offensive Player of the Year, NFL MVP, and Coach of the Year)

I still cannot get over the fact that the officials deemed Mark Sanchez’ forward pass a fumble, which of course resulted in a touchdown.  Then again why would the Jets be passing in that situation (late 2nd quarter) instead of just running out the clock in order to regroup at halftime?  UGH!

I still will never understand why helmet to helmet contact penalties only apply to receivers and quarterbacks and not running backs (Shonn Greene) getting blasted on the sideline.

I will never understand Brian Schottenheimer’s play calling on the goal line, which resulted in 0 points after 4 tries.  Then again if Wayne Hunter does not tip his stance…  does it ever end?

I still cannot get over defensive back Kyle Wilson dropping an interception that was begging to be picked off.

I still cannot stop believing that if Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets offense got the ball one more time, they would have marched down the field and won the game.

I still cannot get over the fact that for the second year in a row the New York Jets came up one game short of the Super Bowl.  Last year’s loss to the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship game was a depressing feeling, but this year is as bad as it gets as I honestly believe the Jets were the better team.  Watching the Pittsburgh Steelers represent the AFC is like throwing salt in the wounds of this Jets fan.

Like every other sports enthusiast I will end up watching Super Bowl XLV which will of course lead to more should haves and could haves.  Ahhh the joys of being a Jets fan.

42 years and counting.

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Tyson Rauch

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