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1) Jets announce possible furlough policy for employees- On Monday the New York Jets confirmed a report that the team will institute a furlough policy for their business operations employees if there is a work stoppage.  Gang Green will require their business operations employees (approximately 96 people) to take off one week unpaid per month until a new CBA is put into place.

If an agreement is reached and the season is not shortened due to a lockout, the Jets stated that they will reimburse the furloughed employees.

While I appreciate the fact that the Jets are trying to display financial responsibility, I am not buying this penny pinching policy .  The Jets are a part of a billion dollar sports industry and have taken advantage of every possible marketing scheme to generate additional revenue.  From lottery tickets, to HBO’s Hard Knocks, to “Limited Edition” wine, Gang Green has become a marketing machine.  Then of course there is  the the revenue received from television deals and sponsorships (like adding the logo on the practice jerseys).  Should I continue?

If the Jets are this concerned about their financial state during the lockout, maybe they should not have priced out their fanbase with exorbitant Personal Seat Licensing fees.

2) Sanders, Atogwe available- With Eric Smith, Brodney Pool, and James Ihedigbo scheduled to become free agents, the Jets could be in the market for a new safety.  Recently veterans Bob Sanders and OJ Atogwe were released, but as of now the Jets have not shown any interest.

I would not be opposed to the Jets bringing in Sanders for a visit.  Even though the hard hitting safety is a huge injury risk, an incentive laden deal could make it a low risk, high reward type of move.  At the same time the Jets can bring back a player like Eric Smith for insurance, and groom a younger player like Emmanuel Cook for the future.

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