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Busy Day For Jets: Rex Predicts, Bart To Wrestle, Gholston Gone?

1) Rex guarantees Super Bowl Victory- Rex Ryan is back at it again as he predicted that the New York Jets will win the Super Bowl this upcoming season.  “I believe this is the year that we’re going to win the Super Bowl.  I thought we’d win it the first two years. I guarantee we’ll win it this year.”

After back to back trips to the AFC Championship game there is no reason for Ryan or his Jets to lack confidence.  Lets just hope that Gang Green actually breaks through and gets to the Super Bowl.

2) Gholston a goner? While speaking at the combine New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum made some interesting comments regarding personnel decisions.  Tannenbaum stated that the Jets would not sign any free agents until a new CBA is in place.  When asked about Vernon Gholston, Mike stated that the Jets have some loose ends that the team needs clean up.  I think a highly touted first round pick that has 0 sacks in three years qualifies as a loose end.

3) Taylor to leave? On Thursday there were several reports that the Jets were prepared to part ways with Jason Taylor.  Initially it was believed that Taylor was set to retire, but it looks like Jason wants to give it a go for one more year.  Recently Taylor offered the South Florida Sun Sentinel this comment on his future:

“It’s something we’re still talking about, thinking about. There’s so much uncertainty right now with the whole labor mess that’s going on with our league. So, a lot of it is going to depend on when that gets settled and on whether or not the Jets want me to come back. So, my decision is only a small part of it. At the end of the day, somebody has got to want you to play for them and at this point, we have to get a CBA [collective bargaining agreement] done.”

I thought Taylor did a pretty good job for the Jets last year and have no problem with the team bringing him back at the right price.

4) Bart Scott teams up with Hulk Hogan- On March 3rd Jets linebacker Bart Scott will fulfill his childhood dream as he makes an appearance on TNA Wrestling with legend Hulk Hogan.  It is no secret that Scott is a huge fan of wrestling, which should make this a very interesting segment.  I “can’t wait” to check it out.

5) Kris Jenkins clears the air- On Wednesday Jets Confidential posted a blog about Kris Jenkins and some issues that he had with the Jets during his rehabilitation.  The report hinted that Big Jenks was trying to work his way out of New York.  When asked about this report Jenkins offered the following comment through his Facebook account:  ” If anyone thought in my last interview I took a shot at my team that was not my intentions. I took a shot at a former employee and I was wrong for that and I apologize. But I didn’t mean to be misunderstood. I love the JETS!!!!”

It will be interesting to see what the Jets do with Jenkins as the team will be in desperate need of cap room.  I think he may have to restructure his contract or the team will have to part ways with him.

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