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Bob Sanders to the Chargers- ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that free agent safety Bob Sanders, who visited with the Jets on Wednesday, will be signing a one-year deal with the Chargers.  It will be interesting to see the terms of the contract, but it is safe to assume that a ton of incentive/injury clauses have been written in.

Bart Scott in trouble? Bart Scott’s recent involvement with TNA Wrestling has sparked a bit of controversy.  There are some rumblings that Scott broke the terms of his contract due to the physical nature of the appearance.  Lets clear some things up here  starting with the fact that professional wrestling is fake.  Scott’s appearance was scripted and did not put the linebacker in any type of danger. The bigger issue could be Bart’s performance on the field as compared to the contract that he signed with Gang Green.  In 2009,  Scott signed a 6-year/$48 million dollar deal and he is scheduled to make $4.9 million in 2011.  Has Scott’s play with the Jets justified those types of numbers?

Free agent update- Over the past couple of days free agents Brad Smith and Damien Woody both expressed their desire to return to the New York Jets.  While this may be considered news to some, it should be treated as a standard response.  It is not very often that a player is going to rip their former team as they do not want to burn any bridges.   In the end the decision will come down to the team makes the best offer.  The players will always say the right things,but in the end money talks.

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