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Roger Goodell Statement On Negotiations

Roger Goodell spoke with the media today in regards to the NFL labor situation.  Not surprising but the Commish didn’t say much, they are in a media blackout.

Transcript of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

3/4/11 – Washington, DC

“As you know we’ve extended our agreement for mediation for another seven days. We are continuing to work hard, trying to identify solutions.  We believe that, as I’ve said many times before, that this will be solved through negotiations. And that’s what we’re focused on.  So we’ll continue to work hard. We’ll be back next week. Happy to take a couple of questions.

On any significant movement?

We are in a media blackout. I’m sorry. I’m not trying to dodge your question. With respect to the process, to George Cohen, to the NFLPA, I think we want to continue to respect that.  But we’ve continued to work hard. I think the fact that we are continuing this dialogue is a positive sign.

Will you be working this weekend?

We will be working on our own. But we will not be meeting this weekend.


Good news for you. You can go home.

On concern about decertification/lockout:

As I’ve repeated over and over again, this is going to get resolved through negotiations. Not through litigation. So talking is better than litigating.

Is there anything you have agreed on?

In respect to the process, I really can’t get into that. We’re obviously having a lot of dialogue. We met for a lot of days. And we are going to meet for more.

Are you hopeful?

We are going to continue to work as hard as we can. I promise.

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