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1) Several Jets to appear at autograph show- On April 8th-10th, GT Sports Marketing will be holding their annual sports card and autograph show at the Garden State Exhibit Center in Somerset, New Jersey.   Several former and current New York Jets players are scheduled to appear including: Joe Namath, Curtis Martin, LaDainian Tomlinson, Antonio Cromartie, Santonio Holmes, and Jerricho Cotchery.  Note:  This is not a free event and you are required to pay for autographs.  For more information check out

2) Lucas heads home: Former Jets quarterback and current SNY football analyst Ray Lucas is heading home from rehab.  For those of you not familiar with the story, Lucas entered a Florida rehabilitation center to battle his addiction to painkillers.  Ray chronicled the enter process through his Facebook page.

Ray recently posted the following messages on his Facebook page:

“Jennifer & Randy are taking me home tomorrow. I am going home & I am so excited to see my family. I am a little nervous about being in the place where things happened but it will be ok, I have great support. My focus is being a great husband & father. As part of the PAST peer program Randy will come home with me to help me to transition to local meetings & provide support. The peer program has come full circle.”

“Just landed back home with Randy Grimes PAST And Randy will now work with me on phase 2 of my journey. Going to see my kids and wife now. It’s great to be back.”

Best wishes go out to Ray and his family as his new journey begins.

3) Jets players make news on Twitter: Recently a couple of  Jets players made headlines for their comments on Twitter.  In response to Trent Dilfer’s comments that the Jets defense uses a lot of “smoke and mirrors” to confuse opposing offenses, Mike Devito tweeted:

@MikeDevito70 I think it takes more than “smoke and mirrors” to be in the top 3 defenses 2 yrs in a row!

Then Antonio Cromartie, a very active player on Twitter, tweeted about some of the NFL lockout issues:

@A_Cromartie31 I hope all the top guys go to Radio City and get the experience as everyone else did. I think the fans that go radio city loves it.

@A_Cromartie31 I’m speaking as fan and as a guy who got drafted. I couldn’t wait till that day.

@A_Cromartie31  Im tired of all this emailing each other. How abt the owners and the NFLPA get ur behinds back to the table and talk it out there.

I give Cromartie a ton of credit for keeping it real with the fans.  You just know that he continues to ruffle feathers in the union’s office.

4) NFLPA website created- The NFL Players Association has created a website to help explain their side of the lockout story.  The website,, provides a ton of background information on the lockout, and it includes the player’s response to the commissioner’s email.  I consider it a must read for the fans that are following the lockout process.

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