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Do You Miss Football?

The NFL has become a year round obsession for so many fans.  As soon as the season ends, the speculation begins.  Football fan forums, twitter, Facebook and blogs have become outlets for die-hards fans.  Rooting for a football team has become a 12 month fascination for so many.

Except this year, because of the NFL Lockout.  Football talk is almost non-existent now.

Do you miss football?

I am shocked by my answer which is no.  Right now, I do not miss football.

Sure there is plenty of time.  The NFL draft still hasn’t taken place yet.  Mini-camps can still be scheduled if a deal is reached soon.  Training camp doesn’t typically start until late in July.

For some the lockout has had miminal impact because they tune out during this part of the offseason anyhow.  When you run a blog, there is no tuning out.  All through the offseason you strive to bring Jets news and create new content revolving around the latest story line.

With no story lines, I remain shocked at how little I miss it.  Taking a look at this unhealthy obsession we have with sports can be an eye opener.  I find that I can now remember all my kids names and that I am actually looking for my wife to leave a to-do list of household items.   It is crazy to step back and see how productive one can be without the NFL in their life.

Sure, once it gets closer to a real game it would be harder to not care.  It would be hard to not miss a football game if any were to be canceled.  Regardless, that is a dangerous game for the NFL to play.  Season tickets, merchandise prices and PSLs are not cheap, if fans decide they can live without this game it would have a direct revenue impact.

It is doubtful that the NFL will reach that point.  But as major league baseball learned after their 1994 strike shortened season, it takes the fans a long time to forget.

The NFL would be wise to get a deal done soon before fans before they do long term damage to the fan base.  Tell us if you miss football in our New York Jets message board.

This Article Was Written By Phil Sullivan

Phil Sullivan

I started JetNation in 2005 and have been a New York Jets season ticket holder since graduating from high school. My dream is to see the New York Jets win the Super Bowl. Until then, I will be right here on JetNation writing, dreaming and talking NY Jets football.


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