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2011 Draft: DB Brandon Harris talks NFL, Rex Ryan

Recently Brandon Harris, a defensive back from the University of Miami, took the time to answer a few questions.  For those of you that are not familiar with Brandon, he is considered by many to be one of the top cover cornerbacks in the draft.  There is a very good chance that Harris will be selected in the first round, and he could be on the Jets radar at #30.

TR: What was your thought process behind coming out of school early to enter the NFL Draft? Did the University of Miami’s decision to release head coach Randy Shannon play any part in your decision?

BH: It was a family decision for me to enter the NFL draft. My mom and dad are both big on education. After we discovered I was only one semester from graduating and earning my degree in Business, it gave us the green light to go and pursue my life long goal in the NFL. I intend on eventually completing the required courses and attain my MBA, however we thought it’d be best for me to take advantage of the momentum. The firing of Randy Shannon had nothing to do with my departure from the university although we are life long friends.

TR: As one of the top ranked defensive backs in the draft, how would you break down your game for all of the fans out there?

BH: I am a very exciting player to watch. I play the game of football full of emotions and enthusiam when I’m on the field . Being versatile is something I take pride it, meaning playing aggressive in man to man coverage as well as in zone.

TR: While at the University of Miami you displayed tremendous man-to- man coverage skills. What are some of the challenges that you think you will face playing man coverage in the NFL?

BH: The University of Miami gave us all a competitive spirit so that would make the transition to the NFL a much smoother process. One challenge I notice is having the ability to not get as aggressive with WR’s due to the no contact rule after 5yards.

TR: The New York Jets play a very aggressive style of defense, one that often puts the defensive backs on an island by themselves. How do you think you would fit in that style of defense?

BH: That scheme of defense fits me perfectly. I not only have the skill set to play man to man, but I also have the heart that it takes to keep other players at bay.

TR: As a defensive back that excels in man coverage, do you watch any film of players like Darrelle Revis or Nnamdi Asomugha to help improve your game?

BH: I love football therefore in my spare time, I love watching football and those players at my position. Guys like Revis and Asomugha are guys I love to watch just because of how much man to man they play. They are guys that can eliminate opposing WR’s for an entire game. One guy I have always and will continue to watch is Deion Sanders.

TR: New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has emerged as a very popular coach in the NFL, one that many players have said that they would like to play for. What are your thoughts on playing for a coach like Rex Ryan?

BH: Playing for a coach like Rex Ryan is exciting. After watching him and his team on TV, he reminds me a lot of my days playing high school football in Miami-Dade County. A trait of a good coach is one whose character can motivate the team. Coach Ryan’s enthusiasm and energy on the field rubs off on his team.

TR:  Finally, what do you think it will take to succeed in the National Football League?

BH: It will take passion, dedication, and work ethic to last in the NFL. Being able to adjust to coaches and schemes will be the key.

TR: Thank you for your time Brandon.  Enjoy the draft process and best of luck with your career in the NFL.

For those of you on Twitter you can follow Brandon at: @HarrisNOFLYZONE

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