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Knock Knock

Who is there?


<—-Slams door shut

You hear that NFL?  People are going to shut the door on you.  Sure you prey on our unhealthy obsession for this game.  Yes you know we will come back.  But enough is enough already, get a deal done.

I haven’t paid my season ticket bill yet.  I have rarely missed a home game since 1988.  If the Jets called me today and said that my season ticket plan was being canceled I would say, “no problem, thanks for the memories”.

They won’t do that because the lockout is eliminating the little good will this league had left.  We just got over years and years of a PSL campaign with insane prices.

Now the league is in a lockout with no talks until May 16th?

Court-ordered mediation between the NFL and locked-out players lasted another five hours Wednesday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan adjourned talks until May 16.

The sides met for 26 total hours over four days, trying to settle the consolidated Brady et al v. National Football League et al and Eller et al v. National Football League et al antitrust cases. It was the first set of face-to-face talks between the sides in 34 days, and the next break is set to encompass another 26 days.

“We’re going to be back here on May 16 to continue the mediation, and I think everybody thinks it was helpful,” NFL Players Association outside counsel Jim Quinn said. “And that’s really where we are.”

The NFL draft is here and I can not remember less interest in the event.  Enough is enough, work it out and let’s avoid the long term damage baseball did to itself with the work-stoppage in 1994.

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Phil Sullivan

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