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Muhammad Wilkerson Press Conference Transcript 4/28/11

Late Thursday night New York Jets first round pick Muhammad Wilkerson addressed the media.  Here is the transcript courtesy of the Jets.

On how it felt to be drafted by the Jets…

I thought it was going to happen. I had a great visit when I went to visit the Jets and did the workout for them and when that 30th pick came around, I just had that feeling that they were going to pick me up.

On how playing in a Rex Ryan defense suits his game…

Pretty much just playing physical and playing strong, pretty much just be very destructive. At the end of the day I am just going to work hard every play.

On where he was when he heard the news…

Back in Linden, New Jersey, at a restaurant where I had some close family and friends watch the draft with me.

On how many family and friends he had with him…

Probably about 80 or 90 guests.

On if he grew up a Jets fan…

I didn’t grow up a Jets fan, but right now I am a Jet. I am proud. I’m happy.

On how he can fit into Rex Ryan’s defense…

Pretty much just very versatile, I can move along the line (and) play any position (on the) defensive line. That’s a credit to Temple playing in a 4-3 and a 3-4. It helped me out and I can fit in with whatever they need to be done at any position.

On what during his visit with the Jets gave him a good feeling about being drafted by them…

Pretty much just the workout. They saw me work out and Rex sounded excited. Pretty much just talking to Rex. He’s a very serious guy. We talked and he pretty much said, “We like you and if you come here you just have to be strong and be ready to work day in and day out.”

On gaining a lot of weight at Temple…

In my freshman and sophomore year I was about 290, 295 and then when I got to my junior year my coach wanted me to be about 305. Putting on weight is no problem.

On being local…

I’m glad, being here is good because I have family and friends that are close and can come and watch me play.

On the Jets defense already in place…

That’s a tremendous defense that they have over there and I’m glad to be a part of it. I think I can come in and help the defense be even more destructive than it is.

On coming from the MAC and being ready for the NFL…

I think it’s no problem. Guys are very successful now coming from the MAC. The talent level is just as good as any other conference. Coming into the National Football League, it wouldn’t concern me coming from the MAC.

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