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Rex Ryan Tells FOX Business Network A Super Bowl Win Is Coming

Another day, another Rex Ryan guarantee.  With his new book “Play Like You Mean It” being released today, NY Jets head coach Rex Ryan will appear on FOX Business Network’s (FBN) America’s Nightly Scoreboard tonight at 9 PM/ET with owner Woody Johnson.

Here are excerpts from the taping which has already taken place but not yet aired:

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan and team owner Woody Johnson discuss the successes and difficulties of the past season and  their predictions for the upcoming season with host David Asman. Ryan said he believes the team will “absolutely” win the Super Bowl this year, saying, “I never put a date on it, this year I am putting a date on it.” He goes on to explain how he motivates his team to be “selfless” and that is what it means to “play like a Jet.” He also praises Johnson saying, “no one wants to win more than Woody. He’s also available to the players.” Ryan went on to say that it is Johnson’s presence and the other coaches and players “from the top down” that make his success possible.

Transcript provided courtesy Fox Business News network.

Ryan on whether the Jets will win the Super Bowl:

“Absolutely. We are going to do it this year. When I took this job, I said before our President’s term is up, ‘we are going to meet President Obama.’ His first term is not up yet. Last year I said soon to be champs, I never put a date on it, this year I am putting a date on it. I truly believe we are going to win the thing.”

Johnson on whether the Jets will win the Super Bowl:

“I am going to go with the coach. We came two minutes away this year. We just ran out of time.”

Ryan on Jets owner Woody Johnson:

“No one wants to win more than Woody. He’s also available to the players. Mr. Johnson comes to practice several times a week, talks to all the players, all the coaches. When the top man is around and talking to everybody and it’s so natural, it’s a great thing. It’s going to be really hard for me not to be successful because of all the people around me. That is from the top down.”

Ryan on his philosophy that players should be “bad asses on the field, gentlemen off the field” and whether this mantra is successful:

“I think so. One thing I am really proud of is the fact that our players sell out for each other. They do the little things. Celebration Mondays- after a victory we watch the tape from the games and I will pick out 10 or 15 plays that show what it means to play like a Jet. A selfless act. I don’t necessarily show the spectacular catch. I show the other part of the game and they really buy into that team concept and it’s about us, not about the individual.”

Johnson on the controversy surrounding Sal Alosi tripping a player:

“We had a lot of controversy, but we made it through. Sal was a great strength and conditioning coach. We loved him when he was with us. He made a mistake. Hopefully he will get another show somewhere. We aren’t going to give him a second chance right now. He will get a second chance because of the value of his contribution.”

Ryan on why he wanted to coach the Jets from his initial meeting with Woody Johnson:

“I was so comfortable in that meeting. I was about 30 minutes late at least. Not a great first impression to make. When I came in I was panicked but right away I was so comfortable with the whole group. I knew I wanted to be with them. I wanted to be a head coach. When I look at it; it’s funny. Things work, maybe not on your time, but always on time. When this opportunity came to me, I can tell you right now, I would rather be with the New York Jets than any other organization in football.”

Ryan on his media preparation strategy for players:

“Some of our team building is our media preparation. We are proud to be a transparent organization. We give access to all our players and I never tell players what to say. I am proud of our players. What I do say is it doesn’t matter what you say but I would like you to mention two teammates and one coach.”

Ryan on the famous “burn the boat” speech he gave to players before the first Steelers game:

“I knew the kind of team we had. I knew if we played to the best of our ability we could beat anybody in this league…But I wasn’t satisfied that was getting done. We had struggled a week before against Miami. I challenged our offense. I knew if we could get our players to play to their ability, we could find a way to get it done. Our guys understand when I tell them those things it comes from the heart.”

Ryan on their rivalry with the New England Patriots and the playoffs in which they won the first game, lost the second, and how he prepared for the third game:

“Our guys were sky high in the practices. We had the best practices we ever had. The last practice, Jim Leonhard, our safety, had a devastating injury and we went from being sky high to being low as you can. Obviously that day New England played an unbelievable game and we played about as poor a game as you can. We couldn’t wait to play them again. We knew we were a much better football team and we couldn’t wait for that opportunity to show the country what we were all about.”

Johnson on whether there is any animosity between him and former Jets coach Bill Belichick:

“Certainly not my end. I can’t speak for Bill. I have a lot of respect for Bill. I lost two coaches in a matter of minutes. I came in and Parcells said I’m not coaching.”

Johnson on whether the fact that Belichick now coaches the New England Patriots contributes to the fierce rivalry with the Jets:

“Somewhat. But we are divisional rivals. We don’t like each other.”

Ryan on why he thinks Peyton Manning is the best Quarterback as opposed to Tom Brady:

“I respect both those guys. I think there is only one Peyton Manning. Tom Brady is a fantastic quarterback, league MVP, three-time Super Bowl winning quarterback, married to a model.  This guy has it all going for him; there is no question.”

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