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Braylon Edwards Discusses Returning to the NY Jets

On Wednesday wide receiver Braylon Edwards addressed the media following his workout at Mark Sanchez’ “Jets West” passing camp.  Edwards, an unrestricted free agent, offered the following comments:

On if he wants to return to the Jets: “This is where I want to be. I don’t want to go anywhere else and start over.”

On if he would take a discount to return to Gang Green: “It depends on what the discount is. I’m not aiming for the moon. I’m in a certain ballpark. If it’s close, then let’s do it.”

On the Jets ability to re-sign both Edwards and Santonio Holmes: “Whose ego is going to drop their guard for the betterment of the team? Can egos work together or clash? I’m not clashing. You got to give a little to receive.”

On if he has to be the Jets #1 receiver: “It’s not necessarily about being No. 1, it’s about utilizing match-ups more. It’s about utilizing match-ups better. It’s about utilizing me more in certain aspects.”

You have to give Braylon credit, right now he is saying and doing all of the right things. Edwards is endearing himself to the fans by not only stating that he wants to return to the Jets, but by also by attending Sanchez’ camp as an unrestricted free agent.

I still contend that the Jets should make signing Edwards a priority over Holmes as it appears that Braylon has truly bought into Rex Ryan’s philosophies.   Edwards is a huge target for Sanchez, appears to have great chemistry with the young quarterback, and does a tremendous job blocking down field.  An argument can be made that the Jets can do a better job utilizing Braylon’s size, especially in the red zone where a fade pass to the end zone should be unstoppable.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but I like the approach Braylon Edwards is taking.

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