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Rex Ryan Responds to a Post

ESPN did a chat with Rex Ryan and they searched the internet for New York Jets comments.  They put a few of them in front of Rex Ryan and one of them was from a poster.

Legendary and totally heterosexual poster Tom Shane made his comment on April 16th and Rex Ryan’s answer appears below it:

“That’s funny, Rex calling Vernon Gholston a phony, considering how much he publicly kissed Vernon’s ass the past two years and now admits to lying about that. Who’s the bigger phony?” .
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RYAN: “There’s not a phony bone in my body, but if I could change a couple of words in the book, that would be one of them. Anyway, when I called Vernon a phony, I was talking to Eric Mangini about his combine numbers; he never played to those numbers. Vernon is a great person, and he got better as a player the two years I had him. And I don’t kiss anybody’s butt.”

Who is right?  Tom Shane or Rex Ryan?  Tell us in our New York Jets forum.

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