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Jets Revis Addresses Asomugha Situation

On Wednesday Darrelle Revis, the New York Jets All-Pro defensive back, discussed the prospects of playing with Nnamdi Asomugha.   Here are some of  Revis’ quotes courtesy of the New York Jets.

On the possibility of CB Nnamdi Asomugha joining the Jets…

“Rex (Ryan) and Mike Tannenbaum are going to do the best thing to build this into a championship-caliber team. Bringing Nnamdi aboard, that’s great. He’s the best cornerback in the league. Me and him as a tandem would be unbelievable. It’d be awesome, so I would love to have him as a teammate.”

On whether he has spoken to Asomugha recently…

” I’ve spoken to him, but I didn’t recruit him.”

On how he would feel if Asomugha came to the Jets and was given a bigger contract than his…

“That’s Nnamdi’s situation. Money is not the issue here. The issue here with us, is just trying to build a championship-caliber team. Everybody has their own situation. You’re seeing guys get signed now. I’m watching NFL Network now. Guys are getting signed. I’m not angry at what anybody gets. That’s their situation. You perform on the field to get what you deserve, and Nnamdi is deserving of getting the top dollars, which he has to do. My thing is, I hope we get him.”

On whether the Jets have approached him to restructure his contract to create more salary cap space for Asomugha…

“No, they haven’t.”

On whether he would restructure his contract to help the team sign Asomugha…

“I’m going to keep that private with my agents, and let them handle that stuff.”

On his reaction to the re-signing of Santonio Holmes…

“His signing today, it’s great man. It’s a celebration for the organization, for his family and it’s great man. We know what type of player he is and what he’s capable of doing, play in and play out. We congratulate him and are proud of him.”

On how important it was for the team to sign Santonio…

“I think that was one of their number one priorities, when everything started back up, to get Santonio signed. The guy is, to me, is unbelievable as a receiver with his intelligence and his route running and he is tough. He’s a tough sucker. He is a leader. He made a couple of speeches in our locker room last year. You can tell how he has a passion to play football. I think Santonio and Mark’s (Sanchez) chemistry is great and you can see it throughout last year. They were quick and had a one-two punch as a quarterback and a receiver tandem.”

Some interesting words from Darrelle Revis as the All-Pro supported both his team and his friend Nnamdi Asomugha.  Darrelle would love to see the Jets sign Nnamdi, but wants his friend to get the big contract that he deserves. It was also interesting to read Darrelle’s take on Santonio Holmes as it appears that the flashy receiver emerged as one of the fiery leaders of the New York Jets last year.  Holmes clearly has a lot of supporters in the New York Jets locker room.

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