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New York Jets Name 5 Captains; Leonhard Ready To Play

On Saturday New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan announced the remainder of the captains for his team (Mark Sanchez already named).

Offense: Mark Sanchez, Santonio Holmes

Defense: Sione Pouha, Darrelle Revis

Special Teams: Eric Smith

Ryan’s announcement and explanation:

“You’re going to see the captains, the guys that are going to wear the ‘C’ on their jersey. We already know about (Mark) Sanchez. Then, we’re going to have Eric Smith as the special teams (captain). He will be representing that unit. Santonio Holmes will be our other representative on offense. Then, on defense, you’re going to have Darrelle Revis and Sione Pouha. They’re going to be our captains for the season. We’ll still do what we do. We’ll bring different guys in each week (as representatives for the coin toss), but those guys will be our permanent captains. It was not voted on. This is something that I chose and I chose these guys based on what I see on the practice field, the game field, the classroom, their leadership, what they mean to their units, the pride and everything else. That’s what I’m looking for in those individuals. It’s kind of an interesting mix when you look at it. We have guys that have been here, were drafted by the Jets. You have everybody with the exception of (Santonio) Holmes drafted by the Jets. Santonio was a guy we brought in. (He) went from, as we look at him, from a rental to an owner, a guy that was here, we tested, we tried it out and now he’s one of us. I expect the last jersey he’ll ever wear to be a New York Jets jersey and we’re extremely happy that he chose to come back. I see Tone (Holmes) as a guy that took the challenge that I gave him. I wanted him to lead from the front and I think that’s what he’s doing. I look at Sione (Pouha). We’ve had a lot of veterans leave our football team from that (defensive) line, yet him and Mike DeVito really stepped up and they’re really being leaders for that defensive line. He’s certainly earned it. Of course, (Darrelle) Revis, what he means to this football team and the way everybody looks at him, he’s a natural leader. All these guys, Eric Smith, have been there and done that. We don’t have the Smith brothers anymore. We just have one Smith, but he’s tremendous. He’s an extension of Mike Westhoff out there, so I think it was just a natural thing to give Eric (the captaincy) and he’s certainly deserving. That’s what we’re going with. Those are some of the reasons why I chose these guys. Again, there are a lot of them (that are deserving of being captains). How come not David Harris? How come not Jim Leonhard? This is just what I chose. I just feel this is right and this is what I’ve noticed. You look at the offensive line, Brandon Moore, Mangold, D’Brickashaw (Ferguson) all these guys (could be captains), but I just feel good about these captains.”

When asked about being named captain Sione Pouha and Darrelle Revis offered the following:

Pouha: “It feels good. First and foremost, I think it’s a position of privilege. Rex called me in and it’s basically an honor to know that he thinks about you like that and the front office thinks of you like that, the coaches think of you like that. You just go about your daily duty and do what you have to do and I guess I stuck out somehow.”

On if he was surprised by being named captain…

You kind of understand, when he called me in, you kind of understand why he wanted to make you a captain. It’s just for you being the person that you are. Working the way that you are. (It’s) the little, subtle things that you do. You don’t have to be a vocal person or be the spokesman or anything like that. But I think actions and words formulate what they look for in a captain.”

Revis: “It means a lot to me to be selected as one of the captains. It’s a great achievement. The other guys, I’m sure they’re excited about it and proud of it too.”

On any additional responsibility that comes with being a captain…

“I think I just have to continue to keep on doing the same stuff I’ve been doing. Approaching this game as a professional, be an example to guys that come in here and be a New York Jet.”

Leonhard ready to roll- New York Jets safety Jim Leonhard is ready to return to action this Monday night.  The hard hitting safety offered these comments on Saturday:

On whether he’s looking forward to playing in a game for the first time since his injury…

“Absolutely. It’s been a long process, but I feel great right now. It’s been nice coming back, and kind of easing me into training camp a little bit, but then the last week, being able to do everything. So, I’m really looking forward to getting on the field Monday.”

On how his leg feels…

“It feels good. It feels pretty much as good as it did before. I haven’t had any pain, any swelling, anything like that. So, still up to this point, no setbacks. I feel very comfortable going into this game.”

This is great news for Gang Green as Leonhard is the heart and soul of the defense, not to mention the “quarterback” of the unit.  Keep your fingers crossed that everything continues to progress as planned.

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