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Jets Sign Maybin; Plaxico Returns To Practice

On Wednesday the New York Jets announced that they have signed recently released linebacker Aaron Maybin.  The former first round pick was a disappointment with the Buffalo Bills, but the Jets are hoping that a second chance will reinvigorate the linebacker’s career.  Maybin will more than likely be treated as a situational pass rusher until he can prove to the Jets that he can handle additional responsibilities.

Here are some quotes from Maybin’s Wednesday press conference:

On why he picked the Jets…

“Honestly, it was a whole bunch of factors that went into it. Obviously, with me having a relationship with Coach Ryan already, he gave me a call and we had a chance to speak. For him to make that effort to reach out to me (was nice). The things that we talked about, the mentalities that we kind of discussed on the phone and some of the possibilities that we had the opportunity to talk about, I just felt comfortable (with) and I didn’t really want to play for anybody else. Coach Ryan, he has that effect on a lot of players, but I’ve known him for some time. He knows me. He knows my family and he knows the kind of player I am. It just felt like (it is) a great situation for me to come (to), to get a fresh start and for me to be able to help the team win.”

On what makes him think he can be successful in Coach Ryan’s system…

“Honestly, when you look at his track record, you look at the things that he’s done in this league, the defenses that he’s had (and) the way that they rush the passer, they just don’t rush the passer, they have a great track record of getting home and getting to the quarterback. For somebody like myself, who really tries to take pride in that aspect of my game, there is not a better scenario that you want to come into, especially a coach with that kind of defensive mentality. There are a bunch of factors that I think could end up working in my favor, but at the end of the day, it just comes down to wanting to play football and wanting to win. I felt like those are going to be things that I had the opportunity to do here.”

On why he is a better fit with the Jets…

“I can’t really necessarily say it’s one particular thing. Whenever you hear anybody talk about the Jets organization so many great things come to mind. They talk about family, they talk about commitment, they talk about loyalty. They talk about so many things that, as a player that’s what you look for in an organization. For myself, from the outside looking in, having an opportunity to choose where it was that I go. You put my checklist up there, and all those are attributes that I was looking for, so it just ended up being a perfect fit.”

In my eyes this is a low risk, high reward move for the Jets.  Gang Green is not looking for Aaron to come in and be the starter, so anything you can get from him is a positive.  If Maybin does not pan out, it is only a one year deal both parties can just move on.

Plaxico back in practice- On Wednesday wide receiver Plaxico Burress returned to the practice field after recovering from an ankle injury.  The star receiver took part in several drills and is expected to play Sunday night.  Plaxico offered the following comments after Wednesday’s practice:

On how his first full day of practice felt…

“I think it went pretty well. It feels like football and it felt great. It was pretty much everything that I had expected to feel- just to get back out there and get in a groove and to participate in every drill. I just feel from here, I’ll just try to increase the reps day-in and day-out and keep putting practices together and we’ll see what happens.”

On how he felt physically during practice…

“I really felt great. I didn’t feel any limitations as far as me running and cutting. I was doing just about everything that my mind was telling me to do. Just reacting, not even really thinking about the ankle. I was getting in and out of my breaks pretty good. The times that I had to make a play on the football, I did. It felt pretty normal.”

On if he feels like he’s “back”…

“I know where I am. I know what I’m capable of doing. Everybody expects (a dropoff because) I’ve been away for two years, and I just turned 34 and all those things. None of those things matter to me. I believe that I’m still one of the best out there competing and I’m not going to lose that mindset. I’m going to go out and my mindset is to dominate one-on-one and that’s what I’ve been pretty much doing throughout my career and I’m not going to stop that mindset now.”

On whether he has thought about being out on the field on Sunday…

“As far as me running out, it is going to be one of those days that I have been waiting for for a long time, but when we buckle up and drive to the football stadium and Mark’s calling those plays in the huddle, I’m going to be so focused on the game and getting my job done that everything on the outside for that time doesn’t matter. I am just going to enjoy it and play with a smile on my face and have fun. It’s a privilege to play in this business, play in this league. (I’ll) just go out and make the best of it.”

It is going to be exciting to see Burress take the field for the Jets as he can add another dimension to the offense.  Plaxico’s size and athletic ability will be a tremendous asset to Mark Sanchez and the Jets passing attack, especially in the red zone.  Lets keep our fingers crossed that the ankle injury is a thing of the past.

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