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2011 Fantasy Football Rankings

Welcome to a new Fantasy Football season!  As we did last year, I will list the best free agent pickups of the week every Thursday.  For the preseason we will pass along some drafting tips and here is an informal but updated fantasy draft cheat sheet.  For this week we will list the players who I think are going too high in mock drafts and others who are being drafted too low.  The 1st number is where they are being drafted.

Over drafted

  • Arian Foster(2)-  He broke out big time but already battling injuries like he did at Tennessee, will be lucky t play 12 games at the most.
  • Darren McFadden (9)-   Another big break out star last year who continued to miss games and is hurt as well this preseason, not meant for full time carries, if you get stuck with him, make sure you draft Bush one round early.
  • Frank Gore (16)-  Every year you think this is the one he breaks out except he breaks down and with that QB situation, it going to be a long year for him and the 49ers.
  • Peyton Manning (19)- He needed 100 more passes last year to ge his stats than the year before, he is still great but with the neck injury and age creeping in, the downfall starts.
  • Matt Forte (20)- With the new addition of Barber, he will get some numbers but the lack of TD’s will be a killer.
  • Hakeem Nicks (25)-If you want 10 great games he is your man, but has never played a full season going back to UNC.
  • Reggie Wayne (27)-  While solid he is no longer a WR1 as Peyton continues to share with way too many weapons.
  • Dwayne Bowe (32)-  Most of his damage happened in a 6 game stretch last year, has never been consistent and will come back to his normal self.
  • Cedric Benson (35)-  Rookie QB, no playmakers and less than 4 yards a carry when they did have them, stay far away.
  • Matt Ryan (38)-Better real life QB than fantasy, make sure you get one of the top 7, if not Fitzpatrick will be better.
  • Ryan Matthews (39)-  Big rookie bust who cannot get and stay on the field, let someone else take a chance.
  • Green Ellis (45)-  You do not draft 2 Rb’s and expect him to get all the carries, was a nice surprise who will come back to earth.
  • Marques Colston (50)-  Always solid with 1K yards but with another knee surgery let someone else live through his 6 weeks where he scores less than 3 points like last year.
  • Mark Ingram (54)-  Way too many RB’s in the mix for anyone to have solid week to week starting ability.
  • Steelers D (62)-  There is no defense worth taking before the 11th round, way too volatile position year to year.
  • Michael Crabtree (83)-  Undraftable for me due to his injuries and his QB.

Under drafted;

  • Mike Sims-Walker (144)-   Could have a Brandon Lloyd type year in Josh McDaniels offense, only big play guy at WR for the Rams.
  • Beanie Wells (131)-  He is the starter and with their job share a good guy to take a chance on at this spot.
  • Pierre Thomas (122)-  I expect similar stats with Ingram and he is going 70 spots later.
  • Jacoby Ford (116)-  Put up WR! Stats the last 4 weeks in 2010, if he can stay healthy, I expect him to be a solid WR3.
  • Matthew Stafford (94)-  The Lions threw more than every other team other than Colts, if he can stay on the field, expect huge numbers.
  • Mike Tolbert (89)-  Matthews is becoming a bust and Norv loves him, expect RB2 numbers.
  • Austin Collie (80)-  Before he got hurt he was catching more passes than any other player and was a top 10 WR, even if you get 8 games well worth it a round or 2 earlier.
  • Mario Manningham (77)-  He can stay healthy and put up similar numbers as Nicks 6 rounds later.  Also no Steve Smith to take snaps.
  • Marshawn Lynch (76)-  Broke out in playoffs and Petey has no other every down options.
  • Fred Jackson (62)-  Nothing but solid and is a perfect RB2 as Spiller is more of a 3rd down guy.
  • Felix Jones (60)- Easily the RB! In Dallas, if he stays on the field enjoy the rewards.
  • Ryan Grant (48)-  Was healthy by December last year but was on IR,  will hold off Starks.
  • Tony Romo (44)-  Was a top 5 QB before the injury and will get that back this year.
  • Larry Fitzgerald-  Kolb may not be accurate but they will be losing a tons of games and volume will be high, could be the #1 WR.

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Good Luck this week!

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Mike Dietrich

Mike Dietrich is the fantasy football columnist for JetNation.


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