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The Patriots Offense Remains Impressive

During the week one Monday Night Football match-up between the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins, the Patriots scored 38 points.  Tom Brady threw for over 500 yards and Wes Welker caught a 99 yard touchdown pass.  Congratulations to the New England Patriots on an impressive offensive game against the Miami Dolphins.

A few other highlights that don’t seem to be getting as much exposure:

  • Shaun Ellis only had 1 solo tackle
  • Albert Haynesworth only had 2 solo tackles
  • Chad Ochocinco’s numbers read like this:  1 reception for 14 yards
  • Tom Brady’s regular season streak of passes without and interception came to an end (Jets fans thought this streak was over because of the interception by David Harris in the playoffs; but this was a regular season streak)
  • The Miami Dolphins scored 24 points and Chad Henne threw for 416 yards and 2 TDs.
  • The Miami Dolphins had over 500 yards of total offense
  • Brandon Marshall averaged 19.9 yards on 7 catches.

ESPN seems to be focused on a Patriots highlight reel that includes Tom Brady playing with his hair as he takes his helmet off and Wes Welker’s 99 yard TD reception.  We went into this season knowing that the Patriots were an offensive juggernaut.  That same offensive prowess has led them to early exits in the postseason in recent years.

During the broadcast last night it was mentioned that the new players in New England have bought into the system.  And that New England is where players go to really learn football.  I dream of a world where the main stream media is able to move past Tom Brady’s good looks and start talking about the reality of where the Patriots sit today.

In recent years the Patriots offensive statistics have been impressive but the end result hasn’t been quite as impressive.

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Phil Sullivan

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