Power Rankings

NFL Power Rankings (Week Two)

Jetnation Week Two Top Ten

  1. Green Bay Packers (1) – The Packers probably took the Panthers a bit too lightly, but they have talent level to afford that.
  2. New York Jets (2) – the Jets handled a weak Jacksonville offense the way a contender should.
  3. New England Patriots (3) – The Pats turned the Chargers over at critical points, and their passing game was unstoppable again.
  4. New Orleans Saints – (7) The Saints spent most of Sunday in the backfield all over Jay Cutler.
  5. Houston Texans – (NR) The Texans offense is as balanced as any team in the league, but defense will determine the team’s fate.
  6. Detroit Lions – (NR) If the Lions can keep Stafford healthy, they can start thinking playoffs for the first time in a long while.
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers – (9) The Steelers got back to playing Steeler football on Sunday.
  8. Atlanta Falcons (10) – The Falcons remembered that they are a running team on Sunday night.
  9. Baltimore Ravens (6) – The Ravens found a way to completely erase the opening week battering of the Steelers from the minds of their fans.
  10. Philadelphia Eagles (5) – Some weakness in the run defense and a concussed Vick mean some major concerns for Philly going forward.

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