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Last week we went 5-4 in the Overachievers and 6-1 for underachievers.  Let’s get to the rankings;


  • Matt Moore (21)- We will stay on the bandwagon as I expect him to stay on course against an overrated Dallas Cowboys pass defense.
  • Vince Young (19)- The Patriots defense continues to be awful.
  • Mark Sanchez (14)- The Bills pass defense continues to get worse by the week and he is due for a solid game.
  • Joe McKnight (42)- He had over 100 total yards last week and looked like the best RB on the roster.
  • Marion Barber (35)- He has gotten a TD almost every week and expect a ton of carries from him and Forte with the Bears QB situation.
  • Donald Brown (31)- He has played very well and get the Panthers defense.
  • C.J. Spiller (27)- He has the rest of the year to prove he can be a RB1, I think it starts this week.
  • Kevin Smith (23)- His pass receiving abilities make him very valuable in a high scoring game.
  • Riley Cooper (50)- All Eagles WR’s are banged up  and he was Vince Young’s favorite target last week.
  • Jerome Simpson (47)- A.J. Green is out again, he stepped up with a huge game last week and will again.
  • Reggie Wayne (40)- This is a hunch off the bye week and playing the awful Panthers defense.
  • Mike Williams (30)-  Josh Freeman looks healthy and is now looking for his WR1.
  • Antonio Brown (23) He has been a top 15 WR in the NFL the past 5 weeks.


  • Tim Tebow (9)- He is not really a QB and his rushing yards help him out but I have faith that the Chargers will put a stop to the madness.
  • Philip Rivers (11)- He has been awful and th Denver defense is playing top shelf defense.  Vincent Jackson will be taken away by Champ Bailey and River is lost without him.
  • Steven Jackson (6)-I would expect the Cardinals to put 9 in the box with the Rams having the worst passing offense in the league.
  • Frank Gore (11)- He is still banged up and Baltimore defense coming up.
  • Reggie Bush (16)- He is not a RB2 without a bye week, they will have to throw to win.
  • DeAngelo Williams (29)- He is un-startable in any league, you cannot roll the dice on 10 touches.
  • Wes Welker (8)- Teams are taking him away and if you look, not many big weeks in the last 6.
  • Vincent Jackson (11)-He never does well against top CB’s like Champ Bailey.
  • Desean Jackson (14)- Even if he was not hurt, too much of a gamble week to week.
  • Santonio Holmes (21)-One of the biggest disappointments all year continues to underperform.
  • Dwayne Bowe (24)- Tyler Palko against an average pass defense does not bode well for Bowe.
  • Mario Manningham (27)-He is an afterthought in the Giants passing offense.
  • Denarious Moore (31)- I got burnt last week but never again unless you have a crystal ball.

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Mike Dietrich is the fantasy football columnist for JetNation.

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Mike Dietrich

Mike Dietrich is the fantasy football columnist for JetNation.


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