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Stevie Johnson Taunting

This was mentioned in the JetNation forums but I thought it was  it was worthy of its own blog post.  After his TD catch today, Stevie Johnson decides to make fun of Plaxico, faking like he was shooting himself in the leg.  Then he does the Jets celebration — arms extended, fly like a Jet.  Except he added a crash landing.  He got a 15 yard penalty, here is the video:

Why Stevie Johnson is taunting anyone is perplexing though.  Remember his drop against the Steelers that would have won the game?  Then he blamed God for the drop!

This kid seems to have million dollar talent and a two dollar head.  At this point you would think he would have learned to just stay quiet.  There is a time and place for everything, what would concern me the most if I were the Buffalo Bills is why does he need to taunt Plaxico?  Plaxico made a mistake, was found guilty and served almost two years in prison.  There is no shortage of material when the topic is, “making fun of the Jets”.

Stevie Johnson should choose the second thought that pops into his head.  The first one doesn’t seem to be working out too well for him.

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Phil Sullivan

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