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Mark Sanchez on Tom Moore

Mark Sanchez spoke to the media today about Tom Moore.

On Tom Moore staying around for the remainder of the season…

It’s been great.  I love having him around.  I thought he was a big help during training camp.  There is so much knowledge with one guy, and so much experience that he can really help, whether it’s the quarterbacks, receivers, running backs, tight ends or offensive linemen.  He’s a big help for us.  We love having him around.

On what Tom Moore’s contribution has been to him…

How much tape do you have left? (Joking).  He’s one of the best offensive minds and football minds I’ve really been around.  He just has a different way of saying things sometimes.  He has a way of just keeping you calm.  He reminds you of what you can do to get better and he’s just a calm presence that I just think is good for our offense.  Any time you have a question about a coverage (or) a specific coordinator you’re facing, he’ll always give his insight.  He’ll ask for your input and he wants it to be a discussion.  Then, the best part, in between when you’re grinding on film or whatever and you’re waiting to switch from third-and-two-to-three film to third-and-four-to-six film or whatever, he’ll tell a story about Terry Bradshaw or being with the Steelers or whoever he has been around, being around Peyton (Manning).  They are some of the best stories you can ever hear and they are real fun.  He’s just fun to be around.  It’s insightful stuff.

On anything specific things Moore has said to him that have been helpful…

Reminding me about corners’ techniques, reminding you about when certain teams play a specific style of defense, whether it’s 3-4 or 4-3, (they have) certain tells that every defense inevitably has to have.  Just like an offense, you have tendencies.  He’s done this for so long, he picks up on a lot of them.  It really helps between him, Coach (Bill) Callahan, Schotty (Coach Schottenheimer) and Cav (Coach Cavanaugh), and all of their experience, it really does help with my checks at the line of scrimmage and little things, whether it’s a specific stance, the hips of a cornerback or their eyes when they’re covering the slot player.  All that stuff, it’s really insightful and it can absolutely help you.  Those are the things that go through your mind when you’re checking plays and looking for any kind of chink in the defense’s armor.  That’s big.

On if he thinks there is a correlation between Tom Moore’s presence and the improved performance in the red zone…

I think we stressed that quite a bit.  I think Coach Cavanaugh does a great job of explaining on the tail end of Thursdays and Fridays about what our red zone plan is going to be through the multiple film sessions we have with him, whether it’s as an offensive line and the quarterbacks or the entire skill group with Cav.  He does a great job of explaining things.  Then, Coach Moore is there to bounce questions off of. I know that, when they makeup the plan for that specific red zone game, Tom Moore is in there helping, just giving his feedback, leaning on his experience and knowledge of this game and red zone football.  That can never hurt.  There is never such a thing as too much help.  (Moore) can always help and it’s great to have him around.

On if he is happy that Moore will be around the rest of the season…

I love it.  I think it’s great for us because he can help the receivers, tight ends and he’s not just glued to my hip.  It’s not just for the quarterback or anybody like that.  It’s for everybody and he’s not shy about helping guys when they need it.  He’s not one of those guys who wants to be in front of all the cameras.  He’s not a me-first guy.  He’s totally team-first, in the back, in the shadows, and when you need him, he’s right there to give help, so it’s great.

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