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Andy Reid Conference Call

On the Eagles success pressuring quarterbacks…
We’ve got a pretty good defensive line, I would tell you. And then in return, I would probably tell you that the Jets have a good offensive line. They’re well coached with Billy (Callahan) and we feel the same on the opposite end of that when you ask me this question.

On whether he views this as a “statement game”…
We don’t worry about all that stuff. We worry about preparing ourselves for a good football team and coming out and playing the best we possibly can play. I’m not into any of that other stuff.

On whether he’s been more surprised by LeSean McCoy’s ability to find holes or the offensive line’s ability to create holes…
That’s like the chicken and egg question. I think your offensive line’s got to block well and then you’ve got to see it and be able to hit it. And then, at the same time, McCoy’s got the patience and the feel and the vision and all of those things that make a guy a great running back, so I think both are doing a good job there.

On the play of Nnamdi Asomugha this season…
You know what, for all of the things we’ve asked him to do and all positions we’ve put him in, I think he’s done a pretty good job.

On whether he was surprised the Eagles were able to land Asomugha this offseason…
That’s two pretty good choices he had, I think. He ended up coming here. I don’t know what to say on that other than that he decided to come here. The Jets would’ve been a fine choice, too.

On what type of things he has asked Asomugha to do…
We played him on the inside which he hadn’t done before. We played him more off coverage than he’s probably ever had to do, and then we asked him to do the bump and run stuff that he was more used to in Oakland. He’s done all of them very well and he’s taken that challenge on. The guy is so diligent and works so hard that it’s kind of fun to watch the progress that he makes.

On whether Jeremy Maclin will play this week…
Yeah, I think so. He went to the walkthrough this morning. We’ll just see about practice. He did the walkthrough. We’ll have to see.

On the Jets never having won a game in Philadelphia…
I didn’t know that, so you’re educating me. I don’t get caught up in much of that, I just get caught in they’re a pretty good football team and we better get ourselves ready to play a heck of a game, so that’s where I’m at.

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