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Ryan’s Words Will Fuel The Jets

Another day, another article telling the world how Rex Ryan’s antics will hurt the Jets.  It appears that the “Battle for Bragging Rights” between the Jets and Giants has brought out every critic of Rex Ryan and his New York Jets.  Of course this is to be expected as Gang Green is fighting their playoff lives, let alone the Super Bowl that Rex is always talking about.  But at the same time I do not think that the media is giving Rex Ryan enough credit for the approach that he is taking.  It is an approach that will fuel Ryan’s Jets to victory.

Deflecting attention off of the players- The Jets are coming off of an embarrassing performance against the Eagles.  The defense could not stop a nosebleed and the offense was stuck in mud.  What better time to throw out some quotes and deflect the attention off of the that game and onto himself. What better time to put the attention on the coach and let the players regroup and get focused on the Giants.  With a short work week there is no time to be negative and dwell on things, it is time to get back to work.  The media loves flashy headlines to write (and sometimes misinterpret) and Rex grooved them a fastball.

Rally the troops- Football is an emotional game and I think it is safe to assume that Rex Ryan knows the pulse of his locker room.  Saturday’s game is going to be a prize fight and Rex realized that it is time to start rallying his troops and getting the energy level raised in the locker room.  Over the past 2 years when the Jets had their “swagger” they played with a tremendous amount of energy and passion.  Rex is pushing some buttons to get his player’s attention in order to bring out some of the fire that could have been missing after a tough loss.

Inspire the fans- When it comes to support Jets fans are tough as they can be quite negative when things are not going well.  Ryan’s words are also meant to inspire the fans and to get them fired up for Saturday’s game.  MetLife Stadium is going to be rocking on Saturday and Rex wants his Jets fans loud and proud for the game.

In summary I completely agree with the approach that Rex Ryan has taken.  The Jets have become a team that many love to hate, and the head coach embraces that fact and uses it as a tool.  Rex is putting all of the spotlight on himself in order to let his team get prepared.  In addition Ryan is using his own style of motivational tools to get his locker room ready.  This may not be the formula that Bill Belichick uses, but Rex is not coaching the Patriots.

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