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Rex Ryan spoke to the media about the Jets\Giants game, the fans and the rivalry in general:

On what his interactions with Giants fans are like and if it has been any different this week…

There is usually a shoving match or something (laughter).  I love the NFL, and I love the fact that the fans are passionate about their team.  That’s what you get.  That’s what’s great.  We win, they win, it doesn’t matter.  There’s still always going to be lifelong Giants fans and there is still going to be lifelong Jets fans.  We’re just trying to make up for that middle ground, some of these kids, try to make them Jets fans.  You appreciate it.  You love the fact that there is such great, passionate roots that this is their team.  It’s like you’re playing them and that’s good.

On the funniest experience he’s had with a Giants fan…

It happens all the time, but I love the fact that they look at you and they are like, “You know what, I’m a Giant fan,” and things like that.  They are proud of it and things like that.  They say, “We’re going to beat you.”  I’ll say, ‘No, we’re beating you guys.’  You’re going right back at each other and things.  It’s all in good fun.

On his initial reaction when the schedule came out with the Giants game on December 24…

I think the big thing, a lot of us I’m sure, not just me, thought that the game was going to be the first one of the season.  The fact that they put it (there) (made me think), ‘Wow, this game really could mean something.’  Well, it did.  Both teams are fighting like crazy to get into the playoffs.  Obviously, a loss in this game almost knocks one out, for the most part.  Maybe it’s not (definite).  You guys know better than I do.  I know nobody is thinking about it.  Both teams are trying to win this game.

On his confidence level in Wayne Hunter going facing Jason Pierre-Paul or Justin Tuck…

Two great pass rushers, two big guys, long guys, they can both move. No matter who you have over there, Pierre-Paul normally is on the right side, I think that’s where his game is and then Tuck is usually on the left. So it’ll generally be Tuck, and we all remember what he did in the Super Bowl and all that kind of stuff. I thought he should have been the MVP of the game that day. It’s going to be a tough matchup, but I like Wayne, I think Wayne can get it done, he’s blocked some great pass rushers in the past, and this is going to be a big challenge, but I think he’s up to it.

On how he will feel about the little brother-big brother relationship with the Giants and Tom Coughlin if the Jets win…

I have a good relationship with Coach Coughlin. I think there is a great deal of respect that I have, I know, for him. You’d have to ask him if he shares the same opinion, I don’t know if he does, but I certainly have a great deal of respect and admiration for him.

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