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Will The “Same Old Jets” Show Up On Sunday?

The magic carpet ride for the New York Jets is over as the team is fighting for their playoff lives.  With a chance to retain a position in the postseason Gang Green was embarrassed by the Philadelphia Eagles and self destructed against the New York Giants.  Now with another huge game on Sunday, where a win will not even guarantee a playoff berth, the question is what team will show up in Miami?

Will it be the confident Jets team that used the “ground and pound philosophy” to wear down their opponents? Or it will be the version of Gang Green that struggles to get first downs on the offensive side of the ball?  Will it be the physical, aggressive Jets defense that can rattle the opposing quarterback? Or it will be the defense that struggles to stop the run and has coverage issues in the secondary?

In my eyes Sunday’s game will tell us a lot about this New York Jets team.  Rex Ryan has always preached about “Playing Like Jets”, which meant to play with passion, pride, and tenacity.  Well now is the time for this Jets team to show what they’re made of, with their backs truly against the wall.  Gang Green is coming off of two terrible losses and there is a very good chance that they played themselves out of the playoffs.  The finger pointing has begun, the media vultures are circling, and the fan base is pressing the panic button.  If this team has any type of character and pride they will come out an emotional, fired up group with the intention of playing a very physical game against the Miami Dolphins.  The Jets will come out with a chip on their shoulder and will support their beleaguered quarterback and brash head coach.  The team will play like the Jets Rex Ryan has always boasted about.

Now if the Jets come out flat and lifeless, well then that is a completely different story.  Then the “Same Old Jets” venom will be spewed as a late season collapse will stir up the masses.  Nothing will piss off the Jets fan base more than ending the season out of the playoffs by losing three games in row, including one against the cross town rival and another to a fierce division rival.

So the question for Sunday is which Jets team will show up? Will it be the “Same Old Jets”? Or the “New Jets” that Rex Ryan has continued to tell us about?  The answer will be provided on the field not in press conferences.

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