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Thank You Tyson Rauch

Tyson Rauch has been writing for JetNation.com since we launched in 2005.  His writing style, which centers around honesty and passion for the New York Jets, has always been a focal point of this site.  Many of you remember the Views from the Upper Deck back in the day.  Herman Edwards originally supplied plenty of editorial content, although Eric Mangini and Rex Ryan have done a pretty good job in that regard as well.  Tyson has been there each step of the way, breaking down the highs and lows.  As a direct result of Tyson’s hard work and dedication he became the editor of JetNation.  He has covered numerous events, recapped and previewed every game and supplied updates and editorials on just about every breaking news story over the past several years.

Tyson Rauch is stepping down as Editor and I wanted to thank him for all of his hard work.  On a personal level, I have to say Tyson is the biggest Jets fan I have ever met.  He travels to see them play, goes to all the home games and can talk Jets football all day long.  He truly bleeds New York Jets green!  Most people probably don’t realize how much time Tyson has dedicated to the site and the extent of his hard work.  I have seen first-hand the sacrifices that he has made and the time he has put in and I am extremely appreciative of all his efforts.

The good news is that Tyson has indicated he will remain with JetNation and contribute editorials from time to time.  Thank you Tyson for all your contributions as Editor.

You can follow Tyson on Twitter – @trauch21.

This Article Was Written By Phil Sullivan

Phil Sullivan

I started JetNation in 2005 and have been a New York Jets season ticket holder since graduating from high school. My dream is to see the New York Jets win the Super Bowl. Until then, I will be right here on JetNation writing, dreaming and talking NY Jets football.


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