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While Sanchez gets hounded by the media about the locker room issues while working for his sponsors, I figured I’d take the time to show one of the latest Jets references that some of you might of caught on TV.

This time the Jets reference comes from a children’s show. Just like the time the Jets appeared on Sesame Street except this time I’m pretty sure no Jets were used. The show in question? It’s the popular Hub TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It’s unexpected popularity with an older male demographic might of led to this Jets reference as the show put in a character in the show name Jet Set who wears a green & white polo shirt whose cutie mark is three Jets. This particular pony made it’s debut in the 35th episode(Season 2 episode 9) entitled “Sweet & Elite“. He also show up again 2 episodes later as a background character in “Hearth’s Warming Eve“.

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