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Jets Interested In Moss?

Wide Receiver Randy Moss informed the NFL world today that he intends to come out of retirement and of many teams who could possibly be interested in his services, Jason Cole of Yahoo! reports that the Jets may be one of them.

Yes, the New England Patriots could use Moss in a serious way. In addition, according to a source close to Moss, the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Jets are at least curious and the San Francisco 49ers could look to fill a hole if they let go of Josh Morgan in free agency.

Moss announced his retirement following the 2010 NFL season where he spent time with the New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans.  While the Jets should be looking this offseason for a receiver who can stretch the field, bringing in a 35 year old Moss would not be a smart move.  Moss has had character issues, save for a few seasons in New England, and adding him to a locker room which was a complete mess during the 2011 season would surely be a recipe for disaster.  Add to that the fact that his best years are behind him and this should be a no brainer.

The Jets need a young, tall, deep threat to help the passing game. Whether they find one in the draft or attempt to sign one to a reasonable contract during Free Agency remains to be seen, but the front office should just say “NO” when it comes to Moss.

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