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Slauson played hurt and wants to bond

Slauson had a busy day today so here’s a small recap on what he said and did today from and the Washington Post:

  • Had surgery the week after the season to fix a torn labrum, rotator cuff and bicep in his left shoulder which he believed he got in December 2010 in a game vs. the Patriots. He’ll be out until June-July. Started rehabbing in Nebraska and is now rehabbing in New Jersey.
  • Went to Wrestlemania XXIX press conference with DE Muhammad Wilkerson, CB Kyle Wilson and CB Donald Strickland.
  • Spoke about how he learned about the teams’ possible bonding activities which might occur during the off-season(trust falls?) in order to improve team chemistry in 2012.

Random Slauson quotes:

“Absolutely we are all focusing on next year now,” Slauson said Thursday after attending a news conference to announce that WrestleMania would be held at MetLife Stadium in 2013. “We’re not worried about all of that drama that happened last year. We are focusing on next year and getting better and doing what we can to get in the Super Bowl.”

“I have been talking to some guys about if we are going to do some team-building stuff and there are guys brainstorming right now,” Slauson said of his conversations with the guys in the developmental department. “But there is nothing official now.”

“I thought it was no big deal, the fact that I could play and still lift, kind of, I didn’t think it was a big deal or anything was wrong,” he said.

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