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Top 5 Marketable Jets Cheerleaders

Apparently, Yahoo Sports will let anyone post just about anything sports related, so today we get an article on which Jets cheerleaders are the most marketable. Now mind you this is about marketing and not his view on beauty so take that into mind as I show you his top 5.

#5. Gina – Decent choice as she has some marketing experience with being a spokes person for Lucille Roberts health clubs for women.

#4. Colleen K. – A teacher by trade, I’m guessing this is a beauty pick as he doesn’t explain why she’s 4th.

#3. Amanda – A dancer but just don’t chew food loudly around her, so any food related ads are out.

#2. Ryann – A dance teacher but she might not be the best pick since she doesn’t like liars.

#1. Alyse – An actress, she is a good choice for #1 since marketing involves you acting like you actually like the stuff you’re promoting.

Notable people missing – Lindsey A. who actually works in marketing and Jenniphure who has some showbiz experience.

If you have any complaints or comments on how good or bad his picks were he’s on Twitter.

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