NFL Combine Analysis For Potential Jets: 2/27/12

Here’s some more current and follow up analysis from the NFL combine:

Defensive Linemen:

Fletcher Cox (Mississippi State) – He is an athletic lineman who fits in either a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme.  Cox has good physical attributes, six feet four inches, 298 pounds with long arms (34 ½”).  He performed very well in drills, for someone his size, notching a 4.79 forty time, while looking smooth and strong with 30 repetitions on the bench press.  His only area of weakness was a poor (26”) vertical jump which would mean less elevation to knock down passes.  Cox had a strong 2011 season in the SEC and his numbers will likely put him in the late first round.

Vinny Curry (Marshall) – Had a rather slow time of 4.85 in the forty but his 1.69 ten yard-split, showed a good burst.  He did not participate in the bench press and looked a little slow in some other drills. Curry often considered a 3-4 outside linebacker prospect seemed to show he is better off playing as a 4-3 defensive end.  While not ‘wowing’ anybody Curry didn’t do much to change his second round stature.

Melvin Ingram (South Carolina) – Looking very fast and athletic Ingram could be a good fit for 3-4 outside linebacker.  He put up impressive results, 4.66 in the forty with a 1.72 ten yard split, 28 repetitions on the bench press and a (34 ½”) vertical jump.  He moved fast and smooth through most drills.  The only cause of concern would be his height and arm length, six feet one inch with short (31 ½”) arms, means he could get overwhelmed be bigger offensive lineman.  Overall Ingram has set himself up to be a top 15 pick.

Whitney Mercilus (Illinois) – At six feet four inches, 261 pounds he put up very solid numbers.  A fast 4.63 in the forty with a 1.56 ten yard split, he looked very agile.  A possible 3-4 convert Mercilus had a good season at Illinois but was considered to be a one year wonder.  He will need to continue to show that the 2011 effort was no fluke.  Could be taken in the late first early second round and is a good fit for a hybrid defensive end.

Nick Perry (USC) – No defensive linemen did more to help themselves then Perry.  Measuring in at six feet three inches, 271 pounds he possess good size but ran a fast 4.50 forty with a 1.56 ten yard split.  He was also able to do 35 repetitions on the bench press while scoring a (38 ½”) vertical jump.  Perry has seen his stock rise after today’s results and will be looked at hard by many teams needing a quality all around player.  There is a question if he can play in space and that he tends to have lapses in effort while on the field.  So even with this combine performance some teams may shy away but he looks like a late first round pick.

Dontari Poe (Memphis) – A massive man six feet four inches, 346 pounds he was able to put up 44 repetitions on the bench press, a 2012 combine best.  Poe continued to impress by running a 4.87 forty time with a 1.68 ten yard split along with a (29 ½”) vertical jump good for someone that size.  His biggest drawback is short arms (32”) will make shedding blockers harder.  Poe has put himself in a position to go very high on draft day with these numbers.  Teams looking for a big run stuffer will take a close look at him.  He has a chance to go in the late first round.


Vontaze Burfict (Arizona State) – He is probably the player who has hurt himself the most without ever doing one combine test.  Already a lightning rod for controversy Burfict needed to perform well to silence his critics.  Running a 4.93 in the forty while just putting up average numbers all around including a non-participation in the bench press has not helped his cause.  Burfict is falling like a stone and character concerns have turn many teams turned off to him.  Once considered a top inside/middle linebacker now seen as to risky and his draft status continues to plummet.

Courtney Upshaw (Alabama) – Did bench press 22 repetitions but didn’t participate in much else.  A little disappointing that he skip so many drills, Upshaw will have to run good times at his pro-day workout.  Even with the lack of participation he is still considered a top 15 pick, just wonder if he’s afraid to hurt his status with a bad time.

Dont’a Hightower (Alabama) – Measures at a big six feet two inches, 265 pounds yet ran a nice 4.62 forty with a 1.65 ten yard split.  He moves well for a big man and played against top notch competition at Alabama.  Hightower will be considered in the late first round.

Running Backs:

David Wilson (Virginia Tech.)  – At five feet ten inches, 206 pound Wilson was able to run a 4.40 forty time and had a vertical jump of (41”).  Wilson looked good in drills especially receiving and has put himself in position to be the second or third running back taken in the draft.  It would be surprising to see a talent like this fall past the third round.


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