NFL Combine Analysis For Potential Jets: 2/28/12

Here’s some current and follow up analysis from the NFL combine:


Mark Barron (Alabama) – Widely considered the top safety available in the draft, he has good measurable, six feet one inch, 213 pounds.  Unfortunately Barron is recovering from surgery and was not able to participate in any of the on field activities.  He is still considered in the first round discussion.

Markelle Martin (Oklahoma State) – He measured in at six feet one inch, 207 pounds but like Barron, could not participate in the drills due to a knee injury.  Martin is still considered a top prospect and will have to show his abilities during his pro day workout.

Antonio Allen (South Carolina) – Had a very average appearance at the combine.  Ran a 4.62 forty with a 1.59 ten yard split and had a vertical jump of (34”).  Allen looked a little stiff in drills and his ball skills were not the greatest.  With more teams looking for help at safety Allen will be considered in the third or fourth round.

George Iloka (Boise State) – Has good size, six feet four inches, 225 pounds, and long arms (34 1/2”).  He put up some athletic numbers 4.59 forty, 20 repetitions on the bench press, (10’4”) broad jump and a (34 ½”) vertical jump.  While the numbers were impressive Iloka looked awkward and stiffed hipped during many drills.  His big frame may not suit him for covering large areas and could be better off playing linebacker.  This mix bag of results means that Iloka stays where he was at, a likely third round pick.

Janzen Jackson (McNeese State) – Considered a sleeper pick, Jackson once played for the University of Tennessee before being dismissed from the team.  A smaller player, five feet eleven inches, 188 pounds and not very strong, only managing 9 repetitions on the bench press, he needed to show great athletic ability.  Jackson’s underwhelming 4.64 forty, looking average in drills and past problems has sent his stock down.  He could have some value as a punt returner as well as safety, so a team may use a later round pick on him.

Harrison Smith (Notre Dame) – At six feet two inches, 213 pounds, he ran a quality forty of 4.56 while performing well in other drills.  Smith is versatile enough to play close to the line in run support or drop back into pass coverage.  He seems to have solidified his status as a second round pick.

Trumaine Johnson (Montana) – A small school prospect with good measurable, six feet two inches, 204 pounds.  He ran a nice forty time of 4.50.  Johnson looked a little too stiff and slow in drills to be a cornerback so safety seems to be a better fit.  The quality of competition on the collegiate level is a concern but Johnson possesses enough size, speed and ball skills to be a quality NFL safety.  He had been on the rise and the combine only helps, now looks like a second or third round pick.



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