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Jets To Get $1.6 Million Additional Salary Cap Space

ets To Get  alt=According to a report by Adam Schefter of ESPN the NFL has stripped the Dallas Cowboys of $10 million and Washington Redskins of $36 million in salary cap space for violations during the uncapped year 2010.  This decrease will create a wind fall for most NFL teams, including the Jets, increasing their salary cap space by $1.6 million:

Schefter reports that the Cowboys will lose more than $10 million — and that the Redskins will lose $36 million.

The money will be reallocated to the other teams, with every franchise except the Saints and Raiders picking up $1.6 million in extra cap space. 

With this increase along with the Sanchez and Ferguson contract restructurings the Jets now have $15 million in salary cap space.  Aaron Maybin’s tender amount is included in this figure. 

For additional information on this increase check out the Jets Nation forum.

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