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Just Say ‘No’ To Tebow

According the Manish Mehta over at The Daily News, the Jets have a legitimate, serious interest in acquiring former Denver Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebow. As everyone already knows, the Broncos announced Peyton Manning as their quarterback this afternoon.

Really, though, do we have to go through this? Can’t we just walk away?

Sure, Tim Tebow does the Wildcat and the new offensive coordinator, Tony Sparano, brought the Wildcat back into prominence a few seasons ago in Miami. Who cares that the league figured out the Wildcat years ago? Just think of it, Jets fans! We could be watching Mark Sanchez AND Tim Tebow every week!

Speaking of Sanchez, didn’t this team just reaffirm its commitment to him by giving him a contract extension, followed by going out and signing Drew Stanton to be a backup? Would Tebow even be willing to sit on the bench behind Sanchez (and possibly Stanton)? And then what about Greg McElroy? Weren’t the Jets hoping to have him on the roster?

The Jets are short on cash this offseason.  Maybe not short on cash, but they probably don’t have as much as they like. The fact that they didn’t make a play for Mario Williams, probably the best defensive end in the league, when they’re supposedly a defensive minded team tells you all you need to know about their finances this offseason. Plus, as a franchise that’s fielding an aging team, they really should hang on to their draft picks. How much cash would it take to get Tebow? How many picks? It’s not worth it, especially if they’re bringing Tebow on board to be a quarterback. He’s not a quarterback.

Tim Tebow is going to be a great running back for some team somewhere. If he came to the Jets as a running back, he’d be great and I could probably get behind the move. But here’s the thing: if Tim Tebow wants to be a quarterback, and as far as he knows, he does, then Tebow does not belong here. Or anywhere, for that matter. As of now, he hasn’t shown he can throw the football the way a quarterback needs to throw the football. Isn’t it enough for the Jets to have Sanchez struggling to throw the ball every Sunday? Do we need to add Tebow to the mix?

Plus, if the Jets really, really want to run the Wildcat, it can be done by wide receiver Jeremy Kerley or running back Joe McKnight. Antonio Cromartie said as much.

“We don’t need Tebow. We sell out every home game let him go to Jacksonville Tampa or Miami. Our wildcat offense can b ran by J. Kerley or Joe McKnight we straight,” he tweeted.

There are certain Jets fans out there who really think that Tebow is the way to go, he’s a winner, and whatever else. They think that Sanchez is a bust. But if they’re frustrated with Sanchez, they’re going to be completely driven insane by Tebow, especially if he has the opportunity to play full time.

Think about it. Tebow went 2 for 8 in a game last year. 2 FOR 8. That might have flown in Denver, but it’ll never fly in New York. Tebow also had a good defense helping him. In 8 of 11 starts, the Tebow led offense scored under 20 points.  Five of those games were wins, including the game the Broncos played against the Jets.

Finally, as a team that has indicated it wants fewer off-the-field distractions going forward, do the Jets really think that the on-going saga of Tebow’s possible virginity isn’t something the New York media will find fascinating?

No. Just no. He doesn’t fit. This is one drama the Jets should just stay away from.

This Article Was Written By Kristine Gammer

Kristine Gammer

I'm a 27 year old native New Yorker, currently writing about about my beloved New York Jets for JetNation.com, usually with dark humor and sometimes with good insight. Jets fan since childhood - thanks (for nothing?) Dad!



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