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Jaguars Owner: Tebow Passed On Us

Bart Hubbuch from the NY Post sheds some light on the Tim Tebow \ John Elway saga.  Did Tim have a say in where he went?  We have heard conflicting reports, the Jets had the highest offer and the Jets didn’t have the highest offer but Tebow wanted to play here.

John Elway isn’t the only one contradicting Tim Tebow’s version of how his trade to the Jets went down.

New Jaguars owner Shad Khan told The Post yesterday the Broncos explicitly informed him last week that Tebow spurned a Jacksonville homecoming despite the Jaguars offering more money and a better draft pick than the Jets did.

“Quite frankly, I didn’t know until the Broncos called me back [Wednesday] night that Tim Tebow preferred the Jets,” Khan said during a break in the NFL’s annual meetings, echoing the statements last week by Elway, the Denver VP.

Apparently not wanting to upset his fans in Jacksonville, Tebow told New York writers in a conference call last Thursday night he had no say in the trade and the Broncos “had all the power.”

Tebow backtracked on that during his press conference yesterday, admitting he had input and saying he told Denver he preferred the Jets because he “had a better relationship with the Jets’ coaches.”

That settles it Jets fans, Tim Tebow wanted to be a New York Jet.  You can now resume your regularly schedule Tebow-mania.

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