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Incarcerated Bob Interview

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Well, love him or hate him Incarcerated Bob is a polarizing figure in the sports rumor world.  He recently made waves amongst Jets fans claiming the team was shopping quarterback Mark Sanchez around the league for a possible trade.

I had an opportunity to interview Bob asking some questions about his reputation, opinions on Jets matters and those in the media who discredit him.  He tends to ‘pull no punches’ with the answers and while this is edited be advised the content can be on the strong side:

Q: How did you get your start and well known name?

A: My name was given to me when I did weekly appearances on the Boomer & Carton (Radio) show, I was just released from being incarcerated for almost a year & Carton called me Incarcerated Bob, it stuck ever since.

Q: You have been accused by some of being a ‘fraud’ fabricating or fictionalizing ‘breaking news’ stories which turn out to be inaccurate.  How do you respond to this criticism?

A: First of all I break rumors & as we all know in this business not all rumors actually come through. ESPN / Yahoo / the “D—-e” Florio all have missed on rumors plenty of times, it happens, but at the end of the day I nail my share of big stories before all of the big boys and the documentation is available for those that doubt. Those “Accusing” me of being fraudulent are the same clowns always talking about me (Think on that for a moment) must be a reason why my name rings out all the time.

Q: Does it bother you that there are those in the established media who don’t take you seriously?

A: First of all I have a bunch of “SO CALLED” well established media members that take me serious. You want a breakdown? 1st we have Adam Schefter – Who has repeatedly given me credit for breaking major stories, who has been on my Podcast, also follows me on Twitter / 2nd we have the great LB Carl Banks (Giants Radio Analyst) who talks with me regularly, Kevin Weekes (Former NHL Goalie) now the best analyst on the NHL Network, has shouted me out during NHL Live broadcast, should we go on? Rich Cimini (Jets Beat Writer) follows me on Twitter + Evan Roberts another well respected NY media member gives IBN credit.

So maybe you need a new question. Oh, that “Hairpiece” clown Mike Florio does not count as he’s not a “Well Respected” media member. Those idiots at Bleacher Report are worse than a 4th grader with the bull—- they write, so no they don’t count either.

Q: Would you ever consider working for mainstream sports entities, WFAN, Fox Sports or ESPN, as opposed to social and internet based networking?

A: I have had numerous offers to come work for some mainstream type of venues, they want to change my format so I declined. I’m not a sell-out, so you either like me the way I am or you can (Bleep) off and follow PFT or go do a circle j— in a team forum with idiots who comment on me all day.  My loyal followers like the way I do things now and I’m not changing, so get use to me haters!

Q: You are a known Jets fan and have reported that the team is looking to trade quarterback Mark Sanchez.  How confident are you this move will happen?  If it doesn’t take place before the start of the season, in your opinion, will Sanchez have a future with the Jets? 

A: Yes I am a die-hard Jets fan since the mid 80’s so I know you feel my pain. What I reported was the Jets have been quietly shopping Sanchez around the league, only one nibble from a NFC team (4th Rd Pick) has been offered, so as of now the Jets will wait and hope more teams get involved so the offer could possibly go up. Jets want at least a 3rd Rd pick before even listening. So in closing, if the Jets get a better offer they will trade Sanchez if nobody bites than obviously he will be back & benched before week 5 with the Jets.

Q: What do you think the Jets top priorities will be in this year’s draft and could you give names of possible picks?

A: Jets will key on Defense early, I think Upshaw will be the pick. The only other possibility is hoping Floyd drops, they would scoop him up if he does.

Q: You are often cited on Twitter for blocking people who disagree with you.  There has also been some ‘Twitter wars’ between certain Jets bloggers and yourself.  Do you have a problem with any Jets bloggers or other media members?  Do you block those who criticize from access on Twitter and if so why? 

A: First of all I only “Block” those that call me out of my name, if you say some disrespectful s— you will get blocked ASAP, I have a certain rule, don’t say something via Twitter that you wouldn’t say in my face (Cause if you did you would be pounded out immediately) true —-ing story! Florio is my b—h, this clown is mad he has no swag, he has a big company backing him (NBC) and he gets no respect for his lousy ass reporting (Same guy who once claimed Terry Bradshaw died in a car accident) yeah and they call me the fraud…LOL.  He missed on Manning to the Broncos (While I nailed it)  ‘he told all his followers Mario Williams was leaving Buffalo w/o a contract (Meanwhile I had the deal done)’ now you understand why he’s mad.

For that “S– – Male” Jets blogger named ummm. Damn what’s that irrelevant clown’s name? I think it’s “–iny” that nerd said my breaking news Tebow to the Jets was nothing but bull—- from “Incarcerated Bob”, he swore to his followers the Jets would not be getting Tebow, he said I was clueless just throwing s— against the wall. Well I guess that “S—” was real sticky huh “–INY”? Take that “L” Mr. Irrelevant Jets Blogger.

Thanks for your time Bob, for anyone who wants to read Bob’s thoughts on the Jets and much more, you can follow him on Twitter.


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