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Jets CB Ellis Lankster Honored By Stuttering Foundation

In other Jets news, CB Ellis Lankster was recently honored by the Stuttering Foundation when he was given the Foundation’s “Converting Awareness into Action” Award for everything he has done to inspire those who stutter.

From the article:

Jane Fraser, president of the Stuttering Foundation, stated, “Ellis shows his true toughness by sharing his struggles with fluency as a child. He refused to let his stutter keep him from his dream of playing professional football, and he is committed to helping and inspiring children attain their dreams by overcoming the obstacles they face.”

Stuttering, according to the Foundation’s website, is a communication disorder that causes things such as abnormal stoppages in speech or words broken by repetition. It affects more than 68 million people worldwide and over three million in the United States alone.

For many children, stuttering can be a difficult battle to face and many children suffer from being picked on. Having a celebrity and professional football player who has lived with stuttering play such an active role in awareness is amazing. Lankster shows children that stuttering does not mean you can’t live your dream. Lankster is proof that anything is possible.

The Stuttering Foundation was founded back in 1947 by Malcolm Fraser and celebrates its 65th anniversary this year.

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