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Sanchez And Tebow Available Together For First Time Answer Questions About Each Other

The Jets began their optional offseason workout program today and for the first time Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow were available at the same time.  Both quarterbacks were asked questions about the other and their role on the team.

“It’s been great,” Tebow responded when asked about working with Sanchez.  “We’ve has a great relationship ever since he hosted me at USC (University of Southern California).  We have a lot of fun together and Greg is great as well, we got a lot of stuff to talk about all our days compete back and forth in Florida and Alabama, so we have a very fun quarterback room.”

“We’re all just learning the same offense right now,” Tebow said regarding how he’ll be used. “We’re all just going out there and competing and trying to learn together and help one another and push one another.  Just try and get everything down cause it’s a new offense for all of us.”

Tebow spoke about possible playing special teams, “I’m just doing whatever they want me to do … working hard right now trying to get better in the weight room, better on the practice field, understand our offense and just improve a little bit every day.”

“Tim’s obviously a hard worker, he’s competitive,” Sanchez said about practicing with Tebow. “I think it’s been nothing but positive to this point and that’s what I anticipate in the future, so it’s been fun.”

“I just go out there every single day and compete as much as I can try to be a great teammate,” Tebow said when asked about his desire to be the starter. “I think that is the great thing about football is you’re together all these guys everyday, going and training, working out, pushing each other, encouraging each other …  I feel like I have a great relationship with a lot of guys in this locker room.”

“Every day you just got to work on trying to handle it your best, trying to be your best and trying to improve every single day,” Tebow said about his new role as back-up.  “It doesn’t change my mindset or my attitude or anything it’s just another opportunity and another challenge … have a great attitude and approach it the right way.”

“I hope every back-up quarterback wants the job of the starter that’s the way you have to prepare,” Sanchez said about Tebow’s move from starter to back-up.  “I’ve been in those shoes in college anticipating the game studying like I’m the starter and then getting to the game and not playing.  Fortunately for Tim he has the ability to do other things and that’s why he is onboard.  He’s a back-up quarterback first then he’ll do plenty of other stuff.”

ESPN’s Pedro Gomez reported that wide receiver Santonio Holmes said Tebow was being “a great team player,” because he was taking a lot of the attention away from everyone else in the locker room and putting it on himself.  Tight end Dustin Keller told Gomez, “the two of them (Sanchez and Tebow) have been working very well together … you could tell they get along.”

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