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Bill Polian And Herman Edwards On The Sanchez/Tebow Situation, “Has The Makings Of A Full Blown Quarterback Controversy”

Former Indianapolis Colts Vice Chairman and Buffalo Bills General Manager Bill Polian along with Jets Ex-Head Coach (2001-2005) Herman Edwards gave their opinion on the potential Sanchez/Tebow “quarterback controversy” during ESPN’s NFL Live:

“What has been your reaction about the way this whole Tim Tebow thing has been playing out with the Jets? Everyone suddenly saying he’s the greatest, he’s got this leadership skills,” NFL Live host Trey Wingo asked Polian and Edwards to give their opinion on the current state of the Jets quarterback situation.

“I think that’s one that is going to have to play out,” Polian responded.  “We’re going to have to see exactly what it is that Tebow does in that offense, how many snaps he gets, what does he do when he gets those snaps?  How does it affect Mark Sanchez in terms of how many times he’s in the ballgame having to throw the ball in critical situations, when everybody knows it’s coming … This has a makings of a full blown quarterback controversy, because of the nature of where it is.”

“They can say he’s (Tebow) a specialist and he’s going to run the wildcat but you know and I know Tim Tebow wants to be a starting quarterback in the National Football League, that’s what they brought in,” Coach Edwards said.  “Mark Sanchez understands that too, now Mark Sanchez is the starting quarterback, it’s his job to lose, and he has to understand that because if there is slippage all of a sudden it won’t be five plays anymore for Tim Tebow, it becomes a series of plays, and now the controversy really gets going.”

In a recent Jet-Nation recap article several Jets players make complimentary comments about Tebow, which Wingo alluded to, and an anonymous player indicates that receiver Santonio Holmes would be calling for Tebow “If Sanchez trips (up),” or has “slippage” as Coach Edwards calls it.

Seems like the Jets quarterback discussion will continue to be a hot topic for quite awhile.

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