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Jets West Update

Mark Sanchez talked to the media today about Jets West camp that he is running.

On the full participation in Jets West…
It’s great. Those guys expect each other to be there. They expect it to be a good learning process just like I do. I’m glad they put the effort out and really understand how important that is to me.

On Tim Tebow coming to Jets West…
It’s great. (Mark) Brunell and Kevin O’Connell have come out in the past. Having Tim (Tebow) and Greg (McElroy) there will be a help for all of us.

On whether he had to make a decision about inviting Tebow to Jets West…
Not at all. I just assumed he was coming.

On whether he extended the invitation to Jets West to Tebow…

On people thinking he would not invite Tebow to Jets West because he is competition…
That’s ridiculous. He’s one of our quarterbacks. All the skill players and quarterbacks are coming.

On if he was happy to hear Holmes was attending Jets West…
He sent up a little smoke signal on Twitter. That’s good, an RSVP. I knew about it, but it’s kind of funny.

On media not being able to attend Jets West…
We kicked it around with some of the guys and we just wanted it to be our thing. We wanted it to stay within us, get a chance to get away from everything, focus on ball and relax. We know you guys want to be there and we appreciate it, but not this time.

On whether they will haze Tebow at Jets West…
No (laughing). It’s all fun out there. We are all a family out there. We have a really good time. We’ll all benefit from it. That’s the most important thing.

On if the team has done anything off the field together…
We have done nothing really specific where Rex (Ryan) has called the whole team up, but I know Cortland will be a chance for us to do stuff like that. Jets West is a chance for us to do that on offense. This is a tight-knit group and that’s the way we want it to be.

On the benefits of having Holmes attending Jets West in California…
It’s a chance for us to just talk about football in a relaxed environment. And in a place where we work out all morning and go grab some food, get around Southern California a little bit, try and see the beach, go see a movie, whatever it is, whatever we decide to do. But just have fun and hopefully his kids are around and people like that; those guys are more than invited. We’re going to make it a family atmosphere. Other than football we’re just relaxing and having fun together as a team. When it comes to the football stuff, we work hard for those few hours and move on.

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