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Tebow And Sanchez On Tebow And Sanchez

You are just dying to know what Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow are saying about each other.  Well, wait no longer here is what Mark and Tim had to say, about Mark and Tim, today.

Tim Tebow

On if he was worried about his relationship with Mark Sanchez before he got here…
We have been cool for a long time. He is a great guy and obviously we go out there and compete hard in everything we do, but we have a great relationship. It really helps when you are rooting for the other guy as well. I know I am rooting for him and I believe that he is rooting for me, whether that is in the weight room, classroom, locker room or on the practice field, I think that really helps the relationship.

On if he has learned anything this spring from playing alongside Sanchez…
I think I have learned something new every day. Whether that is something (with) fundamentals, whether it is something we are learning as an offense, whether it is something we are learning about our defense. Every day is a learning opportunity and I try to get better every single day.

On Jets West…
It will be fun. We will have a good time. We will enjoy it. We will go throw it around and hang out and try to get a little bit better.

On how everything has been with the Jets compared to what he expected…
Well, I did not know what to expect to be honest with you. But it has been fun. It has been a great time. From the six weeks or whatever we had in the weight room, to the OTA session, and now to the mini-camp, it has been fun. In our meeting today, we were going over plays from our first practice and Mark and I looked at each other and where like, ‘Gosh, that seemed like forever ago that we have been doing this,’ and it has only been four weeks. We have had a good time and it has gone by very fast.

Mark Sanchez

On the team learning from Tim Tebow’s work ethic…
I think our team does a good job of pushing each other and Tim only adds to that. We have a great situation where we have great attendance in our off-season program. All of those guys who are there want to work out, want to push each other, want to compete, so Tim fits right in and that’s why he’s a great fit for our team.

On whether he has learned anything from Tebow…
We’re all learning from each other. He (Tebow) has a great attitude. He’s always smiling. He’s always excited and he works out very hard. He’s just a great fit for the team, but there are other guys around the room, other coaches that you really want to look at too. We’re all learning from Coach Sparano, not just the offense, but the way he acts and his work habits. You have guys on defense like (Darrelle) Revis and Bart Scott who are leaders on the team. We’re all pushing each other and teaching each other a little bit along the way.

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