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NY Jets QBs In The Tabloids

Happy 4th everyone, here’s some New York Jets news floating around the non-football world:

Mark Sanchez dating Eva Longoria? – Apparently Tony Parker’s-ex has been dating Sanchez while wearing a blond wig during the past few weeks. Hopefully this part of his inner-Namath shifts to the football-side and the Jets win the Super Bowl.

Tim Tebow on The Bachelor? – According to the host of the show, Tim Tebow has agreed to appear on the show. Whether or not it happens it will come to if Tebow wants to take a page out of Jesse Palmer’s playbook and go from NFL star to co-hosting ESPN shows within 5 years.

Sorry for wasting your time with this tabloid stuff, here’s a video of last year’s fireworks.

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Chris Menn

I'm a 27 year old Jets fan from Massachusetts who has been following the Jets since 1990. I used to run my own Jets blog called Chris' Jets fan blog and worked on JetsCentral.com before I joined JetNation.com. Still waiting for that Super Bowl...

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