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Tebow Wins ESPY for TD Pass Against Pittsburgh

Remember that improbable 80 yard touchdown pass Tim Tebow threw to Demaryius Thomas to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 29-23, in the playoffs this past January? It was that overtime moment that made most of us stare at the TV in disbelief as the Denver Broncos advanced and the Steelers went home. You know, this one:

Yeah. Remember that? It won an ESPY for this year’s ‘Best Moment’ on Wednesday night. Tebow’s moment beat out Bubba Watson winning the Masters, the final night of MLB’s 2011 season, and Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit.

This is not Tebow’s first ESPY award, although it’s his first as a professional athlete. He won his first in 2008 for Best Male College Athlete.

Let’s hope he gives the Jets more than one moment that’s ESPY worthy.

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Kristine Gammer

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