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Tim Tebow arrived at SUNY Cortland and he spoke to the media about what he sees in this New York Jets team.

On how it feels to get started…
It kind of feels like my first day of college, showing up to Florida.  No, it’s exciting, you know it will be fun to get away. I think it will be good for the team to just be here and isolated and kind of be together 24/7. I think that’s good bonding time for the team.

On D’Brickashaw Ferguson’s comments that he “sees greatness on this team”…
Yes, I think there are a lot of great players on this team.  I think for a team to be great you have to come together and play for one cause and play together. I don’t think there are any teams out there that have done that yet. Yeah, I think that starts tomorrow and every day in practice in coming together and playing for the same cause and playing for each other and hopefully we’ll get there.

On his relationship with Mark Sanchez…
Well, I think my relationship with Mark is great.  We’ve been friends since he hosted me at USC. We kept in contact over the break, we worked out several times together, spent some time together. So, (we) had a lot of fun besides just working out or besides just football stuff. He’s a great guy and everything. I know that I’ll support him and he’ll support me.

On whether he has a clear sense on how he will be used…
I mean, we haven’t even started training camp so I don’t think there’s a clear sense on anything.  I think we all just go to work and try to get better every day.  There’s a lot of stuff that can happen in training camp.  That’s why we have training camp.  It’s officially the beginning of the year.  So, it will be fun.

On whether he is entering camp thinking he will have a certain amount of snaps per game…
I don’t know.  I don’t have any preconceived notions of anything.  Just whatever I get I want to earn in camp and try to get better every single day.  Just try to help this team win football games.

On whether he’s interested in installing wildcat plays…
I’m just excited about getting out there, and just running practice, just going through drills.  Having extra time to work with Coach (Matt) Cav(anaugh) and Coach (Tony) Sparano. In OTA’s, just everything was so quick. Now you really have time to work, and work on the little things and go over the little things. That’s what I’m excited about.

On the biggest adjustment he’s had to make playing in New York…
I don’t know, it’s hard to say.  I think, probably one of the biggest things is getting used to all the new relationships.  With everybody on the team, I feel like that’s something that’s gone really well so far.  But, you know, I’ve never played a game with everybody here and that’s a big adjustment. So, I think the preseason will help with that.  Getting used to seeing how guys react in good situations and bad situations, how you come together through adversity.  I think those are all huge things that will be big for me.

On working with Tom House…
Well, he’s just someone who has great fundamentals, and just knows the game very well, so it was fun. I was out in L.A. anyway working with Coach (Noel) Mazzone, and he’s just always been great so he’s just someone that I went out there to work with for a few days.

On the media attention…
To be honest, I really try not to worry about it. I try to be who I am and live my life and not let it affect me.  It’s how I try to focus and handle it.  I feel like I learned early on at Florida to not worry about what I can’t control, and I can’t control what everyone here says with their report, what they say I’m wearing when I walk in the building, who the last guy I worked out with, what type of training I do, so I really try not to let that affect my life, and just be who I am and not change at all.

On if one of his goals is winning the starting quarterback job…
I feel like my goal is just to get better every single day and improve every single day and just continue to develop a relationship with Coach Sparano, Coach Cav, Coach Ryan, and just find out my role every day and how that role expands and just continue to develop and get better.

On if he would not be satisfied if he wasn’t the starter this year after the success he experienced last season…
I don’t think you can ever compare one year to another.  I think every year is a new situation, it’s a new time, and I’m not going to look back on the past. I’m just going to live in the present.  (Take it) just one day at a time, one play at a time, one meeting at a time, and that’s how I’m going to stay focused on it.

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