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Injury Updates 07/30

With several NY Jets players tweaking their hamstrings early in camp, Rex Ryan announced the following change to the practice routine.

(From now on), we we are going to have a 20-minute stretch/warm up period (to open practice). The reason I’m doing this is because we’ve had a lot of hamstrings and those types of deals. If we can prevent them, our strength and conditioning (staff) and our trainers feel it gives us a better chance of being more successful with the hamstrings and all that. That’s what we’ll do.

Rex was also ask who has a hamstring issue, other than Jeremy Kerley and Darrelle Revis?

We’ve had a few nicks here and there. Chaz (Schilens) had a groin issue. We’ve had guys that were on the verge of feeling tightness in their hamstrings. We have to be smart. Obviously, it’s a concern. If it’s a concern, we have to try to eliminate or minimize the concern. That’s why we have J-Mell (John Mellody). I have J-Mell and Bill Hughan together, trying to come up with a solution to minimize the soft tissue injuries.

Is Darrelle Revis is back at full strength?

I’m not real sure. That (limiting him in yesterday’s practice) was just a precautionary thing. He wanted to go, but if a player like Revis tells you he’s tight, (you have him sit out). He’s competitive. It’s not like he’s trying to get out of anything. These guys want to compete. They enjoy the competition. Especially now, they get out there, see that kind of tempo and know it’s great for both sides of the ball.  They just want to get out there. Chaz Schilens was trying to tough it through. I know he’s had a history of some major injuries. This is more of a minor type of thing. Instead of going out, pushing it, and popping a hamstring or whatever. We were more preventive than (usual).  We actually stopped. We had a two-minute (period) scheduled and I went and held us out of that as well.

On how Demario Davis will become integrated back into the lineup…

(He will be implemented) as fast as we can (do it). I think you have three days before you can go to pads, so that will be it. He did a great job on the conditioning test. He passed with flying colors. He was able to overcome that injury. He’s back to being healthy. He has to go through the three-day process before he actually gets the pads.

On if Holmes was experiencing tightness during practice…

He was, but he was out there.  He never missed any reps or anything, but I saw that as well, so there were a few guys driving, pushing through things.

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