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The Wildcat Rule

New York Jets

The first rule of the Wildcat is that you do not talk about the Wildcat.  That was communicated to the main stream media in attendance at Jets Camp today.  The practice was closed to the public.

Rex Ryan added:

Obviously, we’re going to run some Wildcat with Tim (Tebow).  You know that’s no big secret, but it was good to get some Wildcat plays in there. It was.

Rich Cimini shed a little more insight into what Rex Ryan thinks about the wildcat:

Rex Ryan is dead serious about this whole Wildcat thing. To him, it’s not a gimmick; it will be a key part of their offense and he’s confident it will work.

Since we didn’t see it, and those that did can’t talk about it, we will just have to wait for the games to start before we fully understand what wildcat wrinkles the Jets plan on implementing.  One thing we know for sure is that ESPN will cover it 24 x 7 regardless.

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