Injury Report

Injury Updates 08/24

Rex Ryan spoke to the media today and provided updates on several NY Jets players who have been injured.

New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan, 8.24


Opening statement…

(It) looks like (Santonio) Holmes is going to play, (and Jeremy) Kerley, unless there was a setback. You always have to preface it, in other words I think he’s playing. Both (of) those guys should play. Yeremiah Bell had a little knee thing, nothing serious, but if there is any issue at all, we won’t play him. We’ll see. I know he wants to play, but if there’s (an issue) then he won’t play. (Mike) DeVito kind of had a calf thing today and that’s not a good thing for a (defensive) lineman. If there’s anything to that, he won’t play. (Jeff) Cumberland is not going to play. Sione (Po’uha) is out. (Patrick) Turner, I think he plays. He only has a high ankle sprain, but he’ll play. Other guys have it and they’re out for four weeks, this kid is out for about four hours. We’ll see, some guys respond differently to injuries. (Ellis Lankster) will not play. (Joe McKnight) will play.

On Yeremiah Bell’s injury.…
He felt a little loose. He never felt strong, I guess. There’s nothing structurally (wrong) with it, but we want to make sure we’re cautious on that because clearly we need him for the regular season.

On whether Eric Smith will play against Carolina…
Eric Smith won’t play, obviously.

On if tests showed Bell has nothing structurally wrong with his knee…
Yeah, nothing (is wrong structurally). I think he’s fine.

On whether Nick Bellore will play against Carolina…
Nick Bellore will play.

On what’s wrong with DeVito’s calf…
I don’t know, (it’s) a pulled muscle or something like that.

On if Jeff Cumberland will miss regular season games…
I think he’s going to be fine.

On Po’uha’s progress…
He’s doing different things. His weight is down, which is good. I think that’s the first step when you have some back issues. He seems to be doing better and every day he seems to be doing more, so hopefully it won’t be that long and we’ll get him back there.

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