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Austin Howard Against The Panthers

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Austin Howard stepped into the starting lineup against the Carolina Panthers and the early returns were good.  He set out to prove that he is a starting right tackle and he played well.  No sacks allowed is the stat that is the most encouraging.  The line as a whole can do better when it comes to run blocking, but for right now keeping Mark Sanchez alive is the immediate goal.

After the game Austin Howard was asked how he thought he performed and he said,

We’re just going to watch the film. As far as individually, I felt good out there. Like I said, there are some improvements to be made, so we’re going to watch the film and continue to get better and continue to learn.

Manish Mehta from the NY Daily News added:

Howard also spoke to reporters after the game…

On if the film will tell him what he needs to work on…

The film will show us what we did wrong. The coaches will take us through practices and teach us how to do the techniques better, how to pick up the blitzes better, and read the defense better.

On the feel of this offense…

I feel that we’re going to be good. We’re getting better every day. It’s just going to be progress. We’re still learning. We’re still picking up the things we do in practice. We’re still working hard. We’re still preparing well, so I think it’s just a matter of time.

On if there is frustration that the offense hasn’t scored a touchdown yet…

We want to win every game. Like I said, we’re focusing on getting better for the season. Right now, it’s preseason. We won’t win every game. We’re just going to try to continue to build on what we have and continue to get better.


On how much Wayne Hunter helped him…

I’ve been talking to Wayne, Brick (D’Brickashaw Ferguson), everyone’s been a big help. Whenever I can learn from those veteran guys, I take every opportunity that’s possible.

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