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New York Jets Week 3 Report Card


Week 3: New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins

Quarterback: D+

Sanchez: 21/45, 306 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT

Sanchez’ receivers could certainly do him some favors. They could, for example, pay attention. Or run routes. Or not have hands made of bricks. That said, this is Mark’s 4th year and, as such, it’s time for him to step up and be a leader. If your receivers break off their routes or in any way fail to perform as you expect them to, then it is on you to hold them accountable. This completion percentage is simply unacceptable, especially in back to back games. Make no mistake: it’s Mark’s job to fix it. As to the positives: Sanchez did a good job sensing pressure and stepping up into the pocket. He also stepped his game up when it mattered most.

Running Backs: C-

Powell: 10/45/0, 2 receptions, 24 yards

Greene: 19/40/0, 2 receptions, 9 yards

The Dolphins front 7 is stout against the run, so while this performance was not impressive, it was still competent overall. After suffering an injury last week, Greene’s performance was woeful – averaging a little over 2 yards per carry. Powell, on the other hand, was a bright spot, and he’s got a good shot at replacing Greene as the #1 RB on the Jets depth chart. He’s clearly got more speed, and is a superior receiver out of the backfield.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: C

Holmes: 9/147/0

Kerley: 2/73/1

Cumberland: 2/25/0

Schilens: 2/16/0

Reuland: 2/9/0

The stat line looks much better than their actual performance on the field. WR Gates caused a Sanchez interception by running a poor route. Rookie WR Hill was a no show, and appears to have injured his hamstring – twice. The receivers and tight ends left plays on the field, ran weak routes, and demonstrated poor communication with their quarterback. As for the positives: Holmes eclipsed 100 yards in a game for the first time in nearly two years, and Kerley’s 66 yard reception was a game changer.

Offensive Line: C-

The offensive line did a solid job holding off a fierce Dolphins pass rush, holding their own just long enough to give Sanchez a chance. On the ground, they were just barely good enough: but there’s no excuse for the line’s inability to push the ball in on 1st & goal from the 1.

Defensive Line: C-

The defensive line failed to generate enough pressure on Tannehill, and the combination of Bush, Miller and Thomas gashed the Jets on the ground. Kenrick Ellis forced a fumble.

Linebackers: D

See above. For a unit that is not highly regarded for their ability to cover, you would expect a little more prowess in getting to the QB or shutting down the run.

Secondary: B

The Jets lost Revis to injury – again. We’ll have to wait for the results of an upcoming MRI, but it does not look good. LaRon Landry returned an interception for a touchdown, Revis recovered the fumble that Kenrick Ellis forced, and Miami QB Tannehill completed just 50% of his passes for less than 200 yards on the day.

Special Teams: C-

Nick Folk was 3/3 on his field goal attempts, excluding the one that didn’t count! Eric Smith made a costly penalty at the end of the 1st half by running into Miami’s punter. The return game was decent, if not spectacular. Coaching: D If the team wins, I can’t hand out an F, but there were times that I wish I could. Sparano actually did a great job in mixing up offensive calls, but none of the buttons he pushed seemed to work.

Coaching: C-

If the team wins, I can’t hand out an F to the coaches, but there were times that I wish I could. Sparano actually did a decent job in mixing up the offensive calls, but none of the buttons he pushed seemed to work.

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